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Try This Easy Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial (With Pictures!)

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Inside: You’ll love this easy smokey eye makeup tutorial! This is my go to makeup that I wear pretty much every day. I’ll show you exactly how to do a smokey eye in easy steps you can do yourself!

I’m so excited to share my easy smokey eye makeup tutorial with you today! I’ll walk you through my eyeshadow techniques step by step! I seriously do my eye makeup the same way everyday, so I’ve gotten pretty good at this look. I’m no makeup artist, but I have watched several YouTube makeup tutorials so I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks on how to do easy smokey eye makeup along the way!

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Without further ado, let’s get to the smokey eye tutorial!

How do you do the Perfect Smokey Eye?

Woman demonstrates easy smokey eye makeup for beginners

Easy Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

1. I start my eye makeup using a lash curler. I curl my lashes at the base, middle, and top. This really adds volume to my lashes before I put mascara on.

Woman curling eyelashes for a smokey eye tutorial

2. Next I add a few coats of L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Primer. I didn’t used to use a primer, but it helps my mascara stick to my lashes SO much better!

Woman applying mascara primer for an easy smokey eye tutorial

3. After adding the primer, I comb through my lashes a few times with a spoolie brush. Any spoolie will do, but I use this one.

Woman brushing eyelashes for an easy smokey eye tutorial

4. Next is time for mascara! My favorite drugstore mascara is L’Oreal Paris Lash Paradise. I also love IT Superhero mascara from Sephora if you are up for a little splurge. I always do my top lashes first and then the bottom. I brush the mascara on the underside of my top lashes and then on the top side to make sure all of the lashes are covered.

Woman applying mascara for an easy smokey eye tutorial

5. I always do my mascara before my eye shadow so if I get it on my eye lid it doesn’t mess up my eye shadow. After my mascara is on, I clean up my lid with some lotion on a Q-tip. It gets the excess off so easily!

Woman cleaning mascara mistakes during an easy smokey eye tutorial

6. After my mascara, I sweep the lightest shade from the Maybelline Eyeshadow Quad in Natural Smokes all over my lid with a small shadow brush. I love this palette because it’s very pigmented and it lasts forever! I can’t even remember when I bought the current quad I have, it’s been so long! Plus it’s SUPER affordable 😉

Maybelline eye shadow quad is the best smokey eye makeup! Woman applying light eye shadow during an easy smokey eye tutorial

7. Next I sweep the top right shade all throughout my crease and even on my brow bone with a blending shadow brush.

Woman applying crease eye shadow during an easy smokey eye tutorial

8. Then I grab some of the middle crease shade with the same brush and sweep that through my crease. Not as high as the other shade, but all across my crease.

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Woman applying crease eye shadow during an easy smokey eye tutorial

9. Last, I go in with the darkest shade on a narrow shadow brush and just apply it in my lower crease.

Woman applying dark eye shadow during an easy smokey eye tutorial

10. I blend all of the shadow together with the blending brush to remove any harsh lines.

Woman blending eye shadow during an easy smokey eye tutorial

11. Then I take the lightest shade and sweep it across my brow bone with the same small brush to clean up any harsh lines above the crease.

Woman applying light eye shadow during an easy smokey eye tutorial

12. I also use the lightest shade on my lid again and in the corner of my eye to blend the shadow there.

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13. I finish up with some liner along my lash line. I love the Sephora Colorful Waterproof liner in Black Lace!

Woman applying eye liner during an easy smokey eye tutorial

14. If I have any fallout from the shadow on my under eye or cheek (which I usually do) I’ll take my fluffy concealer brush and sweep it away.

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Easy smokey eye tutorial using only drugstore makeup! How to do smokey eye makeup

I Really Love this Easy Smokey Eye Makeup!

That’s it!! I literally do this easy smokey eye makeup everyday and it helps bring out the green color in my hooded eyes! This eye makeup works well for everyday or even special occasions. You can always change up the colors to be more dramatic when going out! This is a really easy smokey eye for beginners so don’t be intimidated by the process!

Want More?

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Your Turn

Do you have any easy eye makeup tips? Any favorite makeup products to share? Let me know in the comments!

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