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Make this DIY Yarn Wall Hanging and Photo Display

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Inside: Make this easy DIY yarn wall hanging that doubles as a beautiful photo display. The materials only cost $20 (and even less if you have some of them on hand)!

It was a few months from my third baby’s first birthday and I was on the hunt for a fun photo display that would match her pumpkin party theme. 

You see, I’ve made a cute photo display for all of my babies’ first birthdays.

The displays are some of my most favorite crafts because it shows off my hard work taking monthly photos of their first year of life.

I made a hoop wreath display for my second baby, so I wanted something different and more fall-friendly.

I saw a floral DIY yarn wall hanging on Pinterest that I fell in love with and decided it would make a perfect monthly photo display!

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DIY yarn wall hanging


Here are the materials you’ll need to make the wall hanging:

Wall hangning supplies on a table

I already had the hot glue gun, so all of the supplies cost me around $20, minus the photos. Those cost me $7.

How to make a DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

1. Cut the wooden dowel down to 24 inches. I used a pair of wire cutters to do the job.

Tools shown with a cut wooden dowel.

2. Measure a piece of yarn 44 inches long. Repeat with 7 other pieces of yarn.

3. Tie all of the pieces of yarn but one around the dowel with a knot so it’s 22 inches on both sides. These will be the middle and longest pieces of yarn on the wall hanging.

How to tie a yarn hanging

3. Use the piece of yarn not on the dowel as a guide to cut more pieces of yarn (I worked with 7-8 pieces at a time).

Materials for a DIY yarn hanging

4. Continue this process until the dowel is full (I tied 123 pieces of yarn on my dowel).

If some of the pieces aren’t exactly the same length, you can move the shorter pieces to the edge of the dowel and tie the longer pieces in the middle.

5. Once the dowel is full, use a steamer or iron on a low setting to straighten out the pieces of yarn.

Yarn wall hanging on the floor

6. Once the yarn is straight, use your scissors to trim the bottom of the hanging so it’s even and uniform.

7. Tie a short piece of yarn on each end of the dowel to serve as the hanger.

8. Carefully pull the faux flowers and leaves off their stems and arrange them at the top of the yarn hanging how you want them.

Floral wall hanging supplies

8. Remove one flower at a time and hot glue it to the yarn.

9. If you’re using the yarn hanging as a photo display, arrange the photos on the display so they are evenly spaced.

How to make a monthly picture display.


10. Remove one photo at a time, add a line of hot glue at the top and bottom, and press it onto the yarn.

That’s it!

The hardest part of this DIY project is how long it takes to cut and tie the yarn, so you may want to enlist some help to get it done.

Monthly baby photo display on a wall.

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Make a DIY yarn wall hanging with this simple tutorial!

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