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How To Get Cute Kids’ Clothes Without Taking a Shopping Trip

This post was sponsored by Stitch Fix. Thank you for supporting the brands that support my family!

The weather has been SO nice in Utah lately! Which means I’ve been letting my kiddos pull out all of their spring and summer clothes like shorts, skirts, and t-shirts.

Every spring and fall, I go through my kids’ clothes to see what still fits and what needs to go into storage. I don’t know about you other moms, but it feels like I’m putting away most of their clothes every season! My kids grow so fast!

I also don’t know about you, but taking them to the store to go shopping is almost worse than the fact that they don’t have any clothes that fit…They just don’t have the love for shopping that I do lol!

They’d rather play and be outside, and I don’t blame them. After being cooped up in the house all winter, I want them to be outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

So rather than dragging them to the store to try and find cute kids clothes that both of us like, I decided to get them both a box from Stitch Fix Kids!

A full review of our experience with Stitch Fix Kids.

How Does Stitch Fix Work?

You’ve probably heard about Stitch Fix before, but did you know that they have clothes for kiddos too?

Stitch Fix Kids is a personalized styling service that features expert stylists who get to know your kid’s unique preferences based on a style quiz you fill out on the website and what you decide to keep from each Fix.

Getting started was so easy! I created a profile for each of my kiddos on and answered questions about their size, favorite colors, patterns, and activities. I also looked at outfit photos and indicated which ones my kids would wear and which ones they wouldn’t.

Once I had completed their style profiles, their Fixes were in the mail!

Little boy plays with stickers from his Stitch Fix.Little boy holds up a sticker from his Stitch Fix Kids box.

They arrived a few days later, and my kids loved opening their boxes to see what their stylists had picked out for them. They also loved the fun stickers and personalized notes they got in each of their boxes.

We went through each of the pieces in their Stitch Fixes to see if the fit was good and whether they liked the style or not. I helped them pick things that would match with other items in their closet, but I also let them pick a few pieces that they really loved and would want to wear this spring and summer.

A brother and sister hold up their favorite items from their Stitch Fix for kids.

We ended up keeping most of the items in their Fixes and used the pre-paid envelope to return the items that didn’t fit quite right. You also complete a checkout process through the website to give feedback on the items to help your stylist when they are choosing the next Fix for your kids.

The service cost $20 per child to receive a Fix from a personal stylist which is then applied to any of the items you decide to keep.

What We Love About Stitch Fix Kids

Needless to say, the process was SO easy! I LOVED not having to drag my kids through a store to find some cute clothes for them this spring. It was so nice that everything came delivered to our door.

I also loved letting the expert stylist pick out the pieces for my kids. It was nice to be introduced to some different styles that my kids haven’t worn before!

A prepaid envelope makes Stitch Fix returns easy.

Plus it was so easy to return the items we didn’t end up keeping. Normally I have to find the receipt, go to the store, and wait in line to return their clothes. With Stitch Fix Kids, I just used the pre-paid envelope that came in their box!

I also appreciated that I could set a budget for the clothes when I was filling out the style profile and the personal stylist sent us items that were within the price range I picked.

There’s also no subscription required; your kid can receive a Fix anytime you want. It’s either on-demand or every few weeks, once a month, or every season. I plan to get my kids a Fix every season when the weather is changing.

They also offer a 25% discount if you keep all of the items from the Fix. That means each item is around $15 which is pretty good for brand new!

Stitch Fix carries Kids sizes 2T-14 – in 40+ brands like Threads for Thought, Hurley, and Hanna Andersson, as well as Stitch Fix Kids exclusive brand, Rumi + Ryder.

Brother and sister look so cute in their kid clothes from Stitch Fix!

Final Thoughts About Stitch Fix Kids

If you’re in need of cute kids clothes this spring and want the convenience of skipping a trip to the store, then Stitch Fix Kids is for you!

The best part is that you can get $25 towards your first Fix for signing up here! That’s 1-2 items for free! Note that the credit only applies to new parent accounts.

Scheduling a Fix is SO easy, so make time today to visit the link and get started. Let Stitch Fix worry about the shopping while you and your kiddos enjoy the sunshine.