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Christmas in a Jar Decoration Ideas

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Christmas Jar Decorations are so fun and festive for the holiday. Here are several ideas on how you can put together your own cute snowy village!

Three Christmas jars with fake snow, bottle brush trees, and a white house on cream cabinet.

I’ve seen a few examples of these Christmas in a jar decorations floating around on social media and since I already had a cookie jar, I knew I wanted to put together my own version!

Below I share where I got all of the supplies and a few tips and tricks for creating your own snowy Christmas village.


Materials to make Christmas jars on white table including bottle brush trees and fake snow.

For this project you’ll need

Other items shown in the photos:

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Empty the fake snow into the jars.

Fake snow in glass cookie jar on white table.

Try to create a small opening in the bag because the snow will go everywhere! Shake the jar a little to distribute the snow evenly.

2. Arrange your figures in the jars.

Make sure to put the tallest items in the biggest jars or the lid won’t fit on top.

3. Place the jars around your house.

Pink bottle brush Christmas trees and fake snow in glass cookie jar.

These Christmas jar decorations look great on a mantle, on your kitchen counter, or on a cabinet/buffet. You can also add fairy lights and more trees to set the scene.

Tips and Tricks

Christmas cookie jars with snowy village decorations on cream buffet cabinet.

If you can’t find fake snow, it’s ‘snow’ problem! You can use white sugar, powdered sugar, or even flour.

Be sure to check the measurements of your jars and the items you want to place in them before you buy anything. I had to buy two different houses until I found one that would fit in my large cookie jar.

And on that note, opt for smaller figures instead of large ones. The smaller the items, the more you’ll be able to fit in your jars.

If you’re having a hard time finding the right size items, check craft stores for their mini tree section. I know Hobby Lobby has an entire aisle dedicated to mini decorations.

I chose to place the fairy lights around the jars on my cabinet, but you can put them in the jars too if you’d like.

Don’t feel like you need to buy anything to put together these snow villages! You can definitely utilize glass jars, Mason jars, pantry ingredients, and Christmas decorations you already have. I love taking items I already have and arranging them in a new way. Get creative!

When you’re ready to put away your decorations at the end of the season, carefully shake off each piece as you remove it from the snow. Pour the snow into a resealable gallon bag (it will be easier with two people) and carefully press the air out so you can use it again next year!

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White Christmas house with light and fake snow in glass cookie jar on cream cabinet.

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Cream bottle brush tree and fake snow in Mason jar next to gold candlesticks on cream cabinet.

Have you wanted to make these Christmas jar decorations? Let me know what you’re putting in yours in the comments below!

Pinterest graphic with text and photo of Christmas jar decorations on cream cabinet.