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43 Modern Boy Names that Start with R (with Meanings!)

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Inside: Looking for boy names that start with R? You’ll love these modern names real moms are using from Ranger to Ryder.

Give your baby boy a handsome and strong R name like Ryker, Ridge and Rome. These trendy names are sure to stand out and are perfect for any mom and baby to be.

I’ve included only the most modern R names out there, curated from the other baby name lists on my site. (No need to scroll through 100’s names real moms would never use!)

So here are the best R names for boys with meanings, and don’t forget boy names that start with P and boy names that start with Q.

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R Names for Boys

  1. Rama – Indian origin, Wife, Goddess Lakshmi
  2. Ranger – English origin, Forest protector
  3. Rayder – English origin, Counselor
  4. Raza – Urdu origin, Satisfaction, Contentment
  5. Ree – American origin, Short for names ending in REE Or RIE
  6. Reed/Reid – English origin, A Reed, Red Haired
  7. Reese – Welsh origin, Passion, Enthusiasm
  8. Regalo – Spanish origin, Gift
  9. Reicher (pronounced Riker)/Ryker – American origin, Becoming rich
  10. Remington – English origin, From the Ridge Town
  11. Remy – French origin, Oarsman or Remedy
  12. Rex – Latin origin, King
  13. Rexton – English origin, King’s town
  14. Reyan – Hindi origin, Fame
  15. Rhett – English origin, Counsel, Advice
  16. Rhys – Welsh origin, Passion, Enthusiasm
  17. Ridge – English origin, Ridge
  18. Riggins – Irish origin, Little King
  19. Riggs – English origin, Ridge
  20. Ripp – German and Dutch origin, Short form of Rippert
  21. River – English origin, Stream of water that flows to the sea
  22. Robert – English origin, Bright fame
  23. Rockwell – English origin, From the rock well
  24. Roman – English origin, From Rome, Italy
  25. Rome – Italian origin, From Rome, Italy
  26. Ronan/Ronin – Irish origin, Little seal
  27. Rooney – Irish and English origin, Surname
  28. Roper – English origin, Rope maker
  29. Ross – Scottish origin, Headland
  30. Roston – Uzbek origin, True, Real
  31. Rowan – English origin, From the Rowan tree
  32. Rowdy – American origin, Loud, Spirited
  33. Rowling – English origin, Surname
  34. Royce – English origin, Rose, Ruddy, or of Famous King
  35. Ruger – English origin, Renowned spear
  36. Russell – English origin, Red
  37. Ryan – Irish origin, Descendent of the king
  38. Ryatt – American origin, Created name
  39. Ryde/Ryder – English origin, Knight, Mounted warrior

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