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41 Modern Boy Names that Start with M (with Meanings!)

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Looking for boy names that start with M? You’ll love these modern names real moms are using from Madden to Mykah!

Give your baby boy a handsome and strong M name like Miloh, McClain and Maverick. These trendy names are sure to stand out and are perfect for any mom and baby to be.

I’ve included only the most modern M names out there, curated from the other baby name lists on my site. (No need to scroll through 100’s names real moms would never use!)

So here are the best M names for boys with meanings, and don’t forget boy names that start with K and boy names that start with L.

Little boy lies in grass.

M Names for Boys

  1. MacAdam English origin, Surname
  2. Macario – Spanish origin, Happy
  3. Maccoy/McCoy/Mcoy – Scottish origin, From the Celtic “Mac Aodh” 
  4. Macen – English origin, Stoneworker, Variant of Mason
  5. Mack – English origin, Son of
  6. Madden – Irish origin, Little dog
  7. Maddox – English origin, Son of Madoc
  8. Makai – American origin, Who is like God?
  9. Makas – Hebrew origin, An end, Ending, Growing hope
  10. Malachi/Malakai – Hebrew origin, Messenger of God
  11. Malcom – Scottish origin, Follower of St. Columba
  12. Marnin – Hebrew origin, Causing Joy
  13. Martin – Latin origin, Servant of Mars, God of War
  14. Mason – English origin, Stone Worker, Brick Layer
  15. Mateo – Spanish origin, Gift of God
  16. Matthan – Hebrew origin, Giving
  17. Matthew – English origin, Gift of God
  18. Maverick/Maverik – American origin, Wildly independent
  19. Max – Latin origin, Greatest
  20. Maxim – Russian origin, Greatest
  21. Maximus – Latin origin, Greatest
  22. Maxton – English origin, From Maccus’ Town
  23. McClain – Irish, Scottish, English, Surname
  24. McKade – American origin, Created name
  25. Meloy – Norwegian origin, Farmstead
  26. Memphis – Greek origin, Established and beautiful
  27. Merrel – English origin, Sparkling sea
  28. Meyer – English origin, Mayor
  29. Micah/Mykah – Hebrew origin, Who is like God?
  30. Michael – Hebrew origin, Who is like God?
  31. Milas – Danish origin, Blend of Silas and Miles
  32. Miles/Myles – Latin origin, Soldier
  33. Miller – English origin, Mill worker
  34. Milo/Miloh/Mylo – English origin, Soldier
  35. Milos – Czech, Slovak, Serbian, Slovene, Croatian, Macedonian, Gracious dear
  36. Miracolo – Italian origin, Miracle of God
  37. Miro – Slovene, Croatian, Peace, World, Glory
  38. Mitchell – American origin, Who is like God?
  39. Morrison – English origin, Son of Morris
  40. Moxon – English origin, Surname

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