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35 Modern Boy Names that Start with H (with Meanings!)

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Looking for boy names that start with H? You’ll love these modern names real moms are using from Hagen to Hyrum.

Check out these handsome and unique H names for boys. These modern names are sure to stand out and are perfect for any mom and baby to be. These adorable boy names also have interesting meanings like “home ruler”, “peaceful warrior” and more.

Instead of listing every H name out there, I decided to only use the most modern names that are found on the other baby name lists on my site.

Keep scrolling for all 35 names and don’t miss boy names that start with F and boy names that start with G.

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H Names for Boys

  1. Hagen – English origin, Protector
  2. Haines – English origin, Dweller by the enclosure
  3. Hale – English origin, From the remote valley
  4. Halen – English origin, From the hay land
  5. Hank – American origin, Ruler of the home
  6. Harland – English origin, From the hare’s land
  7. Harris/Harrison – English origin, Son of Harry
  8. Harvey – French origin, Battle warrior
  9. Hassan – Arabic origin, Pious, Wise
  10. Hatcher – English origin, One who lived by a gate
  11. Havok – English origin, Destruction
  12. Hayden – English origin, From the hay downs
  13. Hayes – English origin, Lives by the forest, brush
  14. Hemi – Maori origin, God is gracious
  15. Hendricks/Hendrix – English origin, Family of Hendrick/Heinrich
  16. Henley – English origin, High field
  17. Henry – German origin, Ruler of the home
  18. Heston – English origin, Brushwood enclosure
  19. Hiro – Japanese origin, Wide, Broad, Help
  20. Holden – English origin, From the hollow in the valley
  21. Houston – English origin, From Hugh’s Town
  22. Hoytt – English origin, One who lived high on a hill
  23. Hudsen/Hudson –  English origin, Son of Hudd
  24. Hugh – English origin, Family of Hugh
  25. Humphrey – English origin, Peaceful warrior
  26. Huntlee/Huntley – English origin, From the hunt field
  27. Hutch – English origin, Pet form of Hugh, Heart, Mind, Spirit
  28. Huxon – American origin, Created name
  29. Huxton – American origin, Huxley + Ton
  30. Hyker – American origin, To be one with God amongst the trees
  31. Hyrum – Hebrew origin, Exalted brother

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