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42 Modern Boy Names that Start with G (with Meanings!)

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Inside: Looking for boy names that start with G? You’ll love these modern names real moms are using from Gable to Gyver.

Check out these strong and cool G names for boys. These modern names are sure to stand out and are perfect for any mom and baby to to be. G names for boys also have special meanings like “peace of God”, “happiness” and more.

Instead of listing every G name out there, I decided to only use the most modern names that are found on the other baby name lists on my site.

Keep scrolling for all 42 names and don’t forget boy names that start with E and boy names that start with F.

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G Names for Boys

  1. Gable – German origin, God is bright
  2. Gabriel – Hebrew origin, God is my strength
  3. Gage/Gaige – English origin, Measurer
  4. Gaidon – English origin, One who admires the beauty of life
  5. Gaines – English origin, Clever one
  6. Gaites – English origin, Road or thoroughfare
  7. Gaius – Latin origin, Person of Earth
  8. Gareth – Welsh origin, Spear rule
  9. Garin – Armenian origin, An ancient city in Armenia
  10. Garrett – English origin, Spear rule
  11. Garrick – English origin, From a place covered by oaks
  12. Garrison – English origin, Son of Gerard/Gerald
  13. Gatling – English origin, Variant of Gatlin
  14. Gatsby – English origin, Variant of Gadsby
  15. Gauge – English origin, Measurer
  16. Gavin – English origin, White hawk
  17. Gehrig – German origin, Spear
  18. Geoffrey – English origin, God peace
  19. Gianni – Italian origin, God is gracious
  20. Gibson – English origin, Son of Gilbert
  21. Gil – Hebrew origin, Joy
  22. Glen – Scottish origin, From the wooded valley
  23. Godfrey – English origin, God peace
  24. Gordin – English origin, Variant of Gordon
  25. Grady – Irish origin, Descendant of the noble one
  26. Graham – English origin, From the gravelly homestead
  27. Granger – English origin, Farmer
  28. Grant – English origin, Large, Great
  29. Gray/Grey – English origin, Black mixed with white
  30. Graydon – English origin, Son of the gray-haired one
  31. Grayson/Greyson – English origin, Son of the grey-haired one
  32. Greyer – American origin, The color gray
  33. Griffey – Welsh origin, Variant of Griffin
  34. Griffin – Welsh origin, From Gryphon – a fabled monster
  35. Griffith – Welsh origin, Griffin Lord
  36. Grigsby – English origin, Pet form of Gregory (watchman)
  37. Gunner – Scandinavian origin, Warrior
  38. Guy – German origin – Unknown meaning
  39. Gyver – American origin, Created name

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