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28 Modern Boy Names that Start with E (with Meanings!)

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Inside: Looking for boy names that start with E? You’ll love these modern names real moms are using like Emerson, Everette and Ender.

Check out this ultimate list of modern E names for boys. I’ve included some of the most popular names that have made the top 100 list, like Ethan, Emmett and Emory, as well as totally unique names with special spellings that will definitely stand out.

Add these names to your list and share them with your mom friends, too!

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E Names for Boys

  1. Eames – English origin, Uncle
  2. Easton – English origin, From the East town
  3. Eder – Hebrew origin, God watches over me
  4. Edison – English origin, Son of Edward
  5. Edwyn – English origin, Rich, Prosperous Friend
  6. Egan – Irish origin, Little fire
  7. Eigil – Danish origin, Variant of Egil, Awe, Terror
  8. Eijaz – Arabic origin, Miracle
  9. Eir – Norse origin, Mercy
  10. Eirian – Welsh origin, Splendid, Bright
  11. Eldon – English origin, The old servant
  12. Eli – Hebrew origin, Height
  13. Elijah – Hebrew origin, My God is Yahweh
  14. Elliot – English origin, The Lord is my God
  15. Emerson – English origin, Son of Emery
  16. Emery/Emory – English origin, Work ruler
  17. Emmett – English origin, Entire
  18. Ender – Turkish origin, Extremely rare
  19. Enzo – Italian origin, Short form of Lorenzo
  20. Estevan – Spanish origin, Crown
  21. Ethan – Hebrew origin, Firm, Strong
  22. Everest – English origin, Dweller on the Eure River
  23. Everett/Everhett – English origin, Wild boar herd
  24. Ezden – Arabic origin, Merciful, Kind
  25. Ezra – Hebrew origin, Help
  26. Ezrael – Hebrew origin, God has Helped

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