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33 Modern Boy Names that Start with D (with Meanings!)

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Inside: Looking for boy names that start with D? Here are several modern options that real moms are using like Daxton, Dane and Dallas.

If you’re in need of D names for boys, this post has you covered. This list includes the best modern D names out there, with several that have made the top 100 list, like Desmond, Decker and Denver, plus options that are totally unique with special spellings.

You’ll definitely want to add these to your list and share them with your mom friends, too.

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D Names for Boys

  1. Dagian – English origin, Dawn
  2. Daijon – Englisih origin, God’s gift of hope
  3. Daliso – African origin, Blessing
  4. Dallas – Scottish origin, From the meadow dwelling
  5. Dalton – English origin, From the valley town
  6. Dane – Scandinavian origin, God is my judge, From Denmark
  7. Dariel – English origin, Form of Darrell
  8. Darko – Slavic origin, Gift
  9. Darrell – English origin, Person from Airelle, France
  10. Dash – English origin, From the ash
  11. Dason –  American origin, Combination of David and Jason
  12. David – Hebrew origin, Beloved
  13. Davis – English origin, Son of David
  14. Dawson – English origin, Son of David
  15. Dax – French origin, Leader
  16. Daxon – French origin, Water
  17. Daxton – English origin, From the town of Dax in France
  18. Dayshaun – American origin, Day + Shaun
  19. Dayton – English origin, Bright and sunny town
  20. Deacon – English origin, Pastor
  21. Deagan – Hebrew origin, Grain of corn
  22. Decker – English origin, Ditch digger
  23. Decklan/Declan – Irish origin, Full of goodness
  24. Deen/Deene – English origin, Valley or Church official
  25. Dekker – English origin, Ditch digger
  26. Denver – American origin, From the passage of the Danes
  27. Desmond – Irish origin, Place name in Ireland
  28. Dillon – Welsh origin, Born from the ocean
  29. Dixon – English origin, Son of Richard
  30. Drakon – Greek origin, Dragon, To see clearly
  31. Dylan – Welsh origin, Son of the Sea

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