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60 Modern Boy Names That Start With C (with Meanings!)

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Inside: Here are the cutest modern baby boy names that start with C. These are the most popular and unique names that real moms are using from Caz to Coy!

Looking for C names for boys? Here are several adorable and modern names you need to add to your list. Many of these have made the top 100 boy names list from the Social Security Administration. Names like Camden, Callum, and Cooper are incredibly popular.

You’ll also find totally unique names with special spellings that are sure to stand out.

Keep scrolling for all 60 names and be sure to check out boy names that start with A and boy names that start with B!

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C Names for Boys

  1. Cabry – English origin, Surname
  2. Caius – Latin origin, Person of Earth
  3. Cal – English origin, Short form of names beginning with Cal
  4. Caleb – Hebrew origin, Whole hearted
  5. Calian – Indian origin, Warrior
  6. Callistus – Latin origin, Historical name
  7. Callum/Calum – Scottish origin, Dove
  8. Calvin – Latin origin, Bald
  9. Camden – English origin, From the valley of the camps
  10. Can/Caner – Turkish origin, Life, Soul
  11. Cannon – English origin, Clergyman
  12. Canyon – English origin, Large ravine
  13. Carson – English origin, Son of Carr
  14. Carter – English origin, Driver of a cart
  15. Carwyn – Welsh origin, Fair love
  16. Case – English origin, Case-maker
  17. Cash – English origin, Maker of chests
  18. Casimir – Slavic origin, Destroys peace
  19. Cassius – Latin origin, Vain
  20. Cayden – American origin, Fighter
  21. Cayo – Spanish origin, To Rejoice
  22. Caz – Slavic origin, Destroyer of peace
  23. Chaim/Chayum – Hebrew origin, Life
  24. Chance – English origin, Fortune, Luck
  25. Chanceton – American origin, Created name
  26. Charles – English origin, Free man
  27. Chase – English origin, Hunter
  28. Chaviv – Hebrew origin, Loved one
  29. Chet – English origin, Shortned form of Chester
  30. Chipper – German origin, Free man
  31. Christopher – Greek origin, Christ-bearer
  32. Clay – English origin, Clay worker
  33. Clayton – English origin, From the town on clay land
  34. Clement – English origin, Gentle, Merciful
  35. Clifford – English origin, From the cliff ford
  36. Clive – English origin, Cliff dweller
  37. Clyde – Scottish origin, Scottish river name
  38. Coast – English origin, Land near the sea
  39. Cohen – Hebrew origin, Priest
  40. Coleman – English origin, Dove, Charcoal burner
  41. Collin – English origin, Form of Colin
  42. Colm – Irish origin, Dove
  43. Colt – American origin, Young horse
  44. Colton – English origin, Cole’s town
  45. Conrad – English origin, Bold counsel
  46. Cooper – English origin, Barrel maker
  47. Corbin – English origin, Raven
  48. Cord – German origin, Bold counsel
  49. Corvin – English origin, Raven
  50. Cosmo – English origin, Order
  51. Coulson – Greek origin, People of victory
  52. Covey – English origin, Brood of birds
  53. Coy – English origin, Quiet, Still
  54. Crew/Crue – English origin, A group of people
  55. Cruiz/Cruz – Spanish origin, The cross of Christ

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