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65 Modern Boy Names That Start With B (with Meanings!)

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Inside: Looking for baby boy names that start with B? Here are lots of modern ideas that you’ll love from Banks to Brixx!

Names that start with B represent duality and emotion and are just about as popular as boy names that start with A.

According to the Social Security Administration, Benjamin made the top 10 most popular boy names for 2019, with Brayden, Bryson, Bennett, and Brooks making the top 110 names.

When it comes to B names, I decided to list out only the most modern names.

All of the names on this list come from the other baby name lists I have on this website, which were sourced from real moms.

Some of these names aren’t found on any other baby name lists out there!

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B Names for Boys

  1. Bailer/Baylor – English origin, One who delivers goods
  2. Baker – English origin, Occupation of baker
  3. Banks – English origin, Edge of the river
  4. Barack – African origin, Blessed
  5. Baris – Turkish origin, Peace
  6. Barke – African origin, Blessings
  7. Barrett – English origin, Trader
  8. Bashtian – Greek origin, Man of Sebastia
  9. Beacon – English origin, Signal light
  10. Beale – English origin, Handsome
  11. Beathan – Scottish origin, Light
  12. Beau – French origin, Beautiful, Handsome
  13. Beauden – English origin, Beautiful
  14. Beck – English origin, From the brook/stream
  15. Beckam/Beckham – English origin, From the Beck homestead
  16. Beckett – English origin, Dweller by the brook
  17. Benedict – Latin origin, Blessed
  18. Beneficio – Italian origin, Blessing
  19. Benjamin/Benji – Hebrew origin, Son of my right hand
  20. Bennett – Latin origin, Little blessed one
  21. Bensen/Benson – English origin, Son of Benedict/Benjamin
  22. Bentlee/Bentley – English origin, From the bent-grass field
  23. Bion – Greek origin, Life
  24. Birch – English origin, Birch tree
  25. Blake – English origin, Pale blonde one or Dark
  26. Blaze – English origin, Flame
  27. Bo – Slavic origin, Living
  28. Boden – Scandinavian origin, Sheltered
  29. Bodie/Bohdi – German origin, Messenger
  30. Boone – English origin, Good person, Person from Bohon, France
  31. Boss – American origin, One who is in charge
  32. Boston – English origin, From St. Botolf’s Stone
  33. Bourne – English origin, Stream, Spring
  34. Bowden – Irish origin, Descendent of Buadán
  35. Bowen – Welsh origin, Son Of Owain/Owen
  36. Brady – Irish origin, Descendant of Bradach
  37. Brae – English origin, Cry out or Borderland
  38. Braeton – English origin, From a wide, broad valley
  39. Brance – English origin, Unknown
  40. Branson – English origin, Son of Brand
  41. Brantley/Brantly – English origin, Fire brand, Field
  42. Braxton – English origin, Brock’s Town
  43. Brayden – American origin, Son of Bradan
  44. Breagan – English origin, Surname
  45. Breckston – English origin, Variant of Braxton
  46. Briar – English, Shrub, Small tree
  47. Bridger/Brigg/Briggs – English origin, Dweller by the bridge
  48. Brixton/Brixx – American origin, From a District of London
  49. Brody – Scottish origin, Name of a Scottish castle
  50. Bronson – English origin, From Branson
  51. Brooks – English origin, From the brook
  52. Bryce – English origin, Speckled
  53. Bryton – English origin, From Brittany (England)
  54. Burke/Burks – English origin, From the fortress

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