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69 Modern Boy Names That Start With A (with Meanings!)

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Inside: Looking for baby boy names that start with A? Here are lots of modern ideas that you’ll love from Ace to Ayden!

About 10 percent of all baby boys in the US get a name that starts with the letter A. (That’s second only to J names).

Rather than list out all 500 names out there that start with the letter A, I just decided to find the most modern ones.

All of these names in this list came from the other baby name lists I have on this website, which were sourced from real moms.

So they are names that are actually being used and they are completely modern!

Some of these names aren’t found on any other baby name lists out there!

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Boy Names That Start With A

  1. Aaron – Hebrew origin, Exalted, Strong
  2. Abel – Hebrew origin, A breath
  3. Absalom – Hebrew origin, Father is peace
  4. Ace – Latin origin, One or expert
  5. Achaz – Hebrew origin, One who takes or possesses
  6. Adam/Adem/Adom – Hebew origin, Man of the earth
  7. Adamo – Italian origin, Italian form of Adam
  8. Aden/Aiden/Ayden – Irish origin, Little fire
  9. Adonis – Greek origin, Lord
  10. Adrian – Latin origin, Person From Hadria (Northern Italy)
  11. Adriel – Hebrew origin, Congregation of God
  12. AJ – English origin, Combination of letters A and J
  13. Alan – English origin, Little rock
  14. Alastair – Scottish origin, Defender of the people
  15. Alder – English origin, Old or Alder tree
  16. Alex – English origin, Defender of the people
  17. Alexander – Greek origin, Defender of the people
  18. Alexsandro – Portuguese origin, Variant of Alexandro
  19. Alistair – Scottish origin, Defender of the people
  20. Allen – English origin, Little rock
  21. Amal – Arabic origin, Hope, Expectation
  22. Amare – Indian origin, Immortal
  23. Amato – Spanish origin, Loved
  24. Amatus – Roman origin, Beloved
  25. Ames – French origin, Friend
  26. Amias – English origin, Loved one
  27. Amore – Italian origin, Love
  28. Amos – Hebrew origin, Burdened
  29. Ancel – English origin, Helmet, Protection
  30. Anders – English origin, Son of Andrew
  31. Andrew – Greek origin, Manly
  32. Andy – English origin, Manly
  33. Angus – Scottish origin, One strength
  34. Ankur – Indian, Hindi and Marathi origin, Sapling, Sprout, Shoot
  35. Apikai – Hawaiian origin, Gift of God
  36. Archer – English origin, Bowman, One who excels in archery
  37. Archie – German origin, Archer or Truly Bold
  38. Arlan/Arlen – German origin, Person From Erlen, Germany
  39. Arlo/Arlow/Arlowe – German origin, Hill
  40. Arman – Armenian origin, Derived from the name of the country, Armenia
  41. Arnan – Hebrew origin, Joyous
  42. Arrow – English origin, A projectile fired from a bow
  43. Arthur – Welsh origin, Bear
  44. Arzy – English origin, Unknown
  45. Ash – English origin, From the ash tree
  46. Asher – Hebrew origin, Blessed, Happy
  47. Ashton – English origin, Ash tree town
  48. Atlas – Greek origin, Support, Prop
  49. Atticus – Latin origin, Of Attica
  50. Augie – English origin, Diminutive of August
  51. August – English origin, Great, To increase
  52. Augustus – Latin origin, Great
  53. Aunders – English origin, Created name
  54. Austin – English origin, Great
  55. Avram – Hebrew origin, High Father
  56. Axel – Scandinavian origin, My father is peace
  57. Axton/Axxton – English origin, From the town of Ash trees
  58. Ayeson – American origin, Created name
  59. Azariah – Hebrew origin, God has helped
  60. Aziz – Arabic origin, Beloved, Powerful
  61. Azriel – Hebrew origin, God is my help

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