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Boho Chic DIY Halloween Wreath

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Transform your doorstep into a stylish haunted haven with our DIY Boho Chic Halloween Wreath tutorial. Get step-by-step instructions and craft your own spooky-chic magic this Halloween!

Skeleton decoration holds Halloween wreath with black embellishments.

I never used to decorate for Halloween.

All of the black, spooky, and gory decorations never spoke to me.

But then boho pastel Halloween decorations became popular and I was hooked!

Since I never had a Halloween wreath I decided it was time to make one that matched my style, so this boho chic creation was born!

Let’s dive into the tutorial for this DIY Boho Chic Halloween Wreath project so you can add a dash of eerie elegance to your home too!


Supplies to make a Halloween wreath including pampas grass, skulls, and leaves.

To make this wreath you’ll need:

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Pampas grass wreath with different Halloween figures placed on top.

1. Arrange all of the decorations on the wreath.

The hardest part is deciding how you want to glue everything on the wreath! I tried a few different arrangements before I decided on the one I ended up using.

You can put everything on the side like I did or spread it out the the wreath looks more uniform. Either way, have fun and add your own creative touch!

2. Glue everything on.

Hot glue gun rests on dried palm leaf next to black and white Halloween items on wreath.

Once you’ve arranged everything, you’ll have to take it off the wreath to glue it on! If you want to remember exactly how you arranged it, take a quick picture so you have a guide when you’re ready to glue.

Glue everything on starting with what will touch the wreath first and then work your way up.

3. Hang your wreath.

Boho Halloween wreath with pampas grass, skeletons, and pumpkins hangs on navy door.

Admire your hard work and display your wreath for everyone to see! You can hang it on your pantry door, front door, over a large mirror or sit it with a spooky friend on your porch chair.

Tips and Tricks

This was one of the easiest projects I’ve done in a while! After I had everything arranged, it took 20 minutes to glue everything on and I was done!

I started with the black pampas grass, then added the dried palm, and then everything on the left side. Then I added the spiders and glued the branches and mini pampas on the back last.

I really wanted to incorporate the terra cotta colored skulls I got in the package, but I just couldn’t arrange them to look good with the black and white decorations, so I’ll use them on my console table instead!

I also purchased the leaf stem to add those to the wreath, but I didn’t love how those looked so didn’t include them in the end.

I got the supplies at various stores including the dollar store, craft stores, and Walmart. I saw lots of great options at the dollar store, so you can totally get all of your supplies there to make this project more budget-friendly.

More Wreath Inspiration

I loved looking at Pinterest to get ideas for this Halloween wreath. Here are a few designs that inspired my creation!

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Your Turn

Brunette woman wearing black and gold holds Halloween wreath sitting on skeleton's lap.

Do you have plans to make a similar Halloween wreath this year? Let us know what you’ll be using to create it in the comments!