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Biblical Baby Boy Names for the Modern Mom

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Biblical baby boy names may seem old fashioned to some, but these 18 names are perfect for the modern mom.

When it comes to choosing names for my babies, the bible is often the last place I would think to look.

Names like Matthew, John, and David are so common and don’t have the modern flair I like when brainstorming baby names.

However, there are several boy names in the bible that aren’t quite as common and are perfect for the modern mom.

I went through every name referenced in the King James Version of the bible to find these hidden gems.

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Biblical Baby Boy Names

Baby boy with a unique biblical name smiles and looks up.

1. Abel – A son of Adam and Eve (Genesis 4:4)

2. AmosBurden; A prophet who prophesied in the days of Uzziah (Amos 1:1)

3. AsherHappy; Son of Jacob (Genesis 49:20)

4. Canon – A Greek word meaning “a rod for testing straightness.”

5. Caul – A net for the hair (Isaiah 3:18)

6. Cedar – Generally denotes the cedar of Lebanon (1 Kings 6:9)

Baby boy with a biblical name smiles

7. CorbanGiven to God; The word describes anything dedicated to God and therefore not available for ordinary uses.

8. Eber – Great-grandson of Shem and the ancestor of the Hebrew people (Genesis 10:24)

9. EliMy God; High priest and judge, a descendant of Aaron (1 Kings 2:26)

10. Golan – A city and district of Bashan, east of Jordan (Deuteronomy 4:43)

11. Jonah – Swallowed by a great fish (Book of Jonah)

12. Jonas – Father of Peter (John 1:42)

Baby boy with a biblical name stretches on a bed

13. Jude – Brother of James (Book of Jude)

14. Necho – King of Egypt who conquered Josiah at Megiddo (2 Kings 23:29)

15. NoahRest; The patriarch; Built an ark when God flooded the earth (Genesis 6-8)

16. Rimmon – God of the Syrians of Damascus (2 Kings 5:18)

17. SamsonOf the sun; He was a man notorious for his great physical strength, but weak in intellectual and moral character. (Judges 13:24)

18. ZionThe pure in heart; Enoch’s city (Moses 7:18-19)

Want More?

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Your Turn

Which of these biblical baby boy names was your favorite? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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Monday 15th of March 2021

The name Cedar is really cool!

Jessica Ashcroft

Wednesday 17th of March 2021

Yes I love that one too!