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The Best Pinterest Scheduler Ever (Free Tailwind Tutorial!)

This post contains affiliate links, which means I will make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and make a purchase.

Inside: If you’re looking for the best Pinterest scheduler, you need to be using Tailwind! I walk you through a full Tailwind tutorial so you can start pinning on autopilot.

Do you remember when you first discovered Pinterest?? I do! I was in my senior year of college, and I used the platform to search for outfit inspiration. My outfit searches lead me to find popular fashion bloggers, which eventually inspired me to create my own blog!

Now, I use Pinterest differently than I did when I was merely a consumer; I use it to drive traffic to my blog! I’ve tested out a few different methods to distribute my pins throughout the platform, and I’ve decided that using a Pinterest scheduler is the best option!

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Is Tailwind Worth the Money?

It took a lot of work to transfer everything over to Tailwind, but I can say with 100% certainty that I’m so happy things happened the way they did. Tailwind seriously saved my Pinterest account.

My traffic has never been better, my pins perform better than they ever have, and since Tailwind is an official Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner,  I never have to worry about it shutting down or getting me flagged as a spammer on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a goldmine of traffic for bloggers, but only if you know how to use it correctly! Using Tailwind is one of the ways I leverage Pinterest to bring tons of traffic to my blog.

Today, I’m going to share exactly how to use Tailwind if you’ve never used it before. My Tailwind tutorial includes screenshots and helpful hints so you can jump into pinning and never look back!

These are my personal results, but Tailwind also publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members.

**NOTE: The Tailwind dashboard can look pretty intimidating when you open if for the first time. If you’re OK not figuring out what everything is right away, start at the top of my post. If you like to know where everything is and what everything does BEFORE you start working (someone after my own heart) scroll to the bottom section called “Navigating the Tailwind App.” I walk you through the major features so you don’t get lost!

Let’s get started!

Signing Up For Tailwind

To get started with Tailwind, you’ll need to sign up! Tailwind will access all of your Pinterest info to make it easy to Pin and schedule in the platform. The GREAT thing about Tailwind is that you can sign up for FREE before deciding if it’s the right Pinterest scheduler for you or not.

Tailwind signin screen

Pinterest authorization screen for Tailwind

You don’t need to enter a credit card to get the Tailwind free trial (I hate when companies make you enter your credit card before you even know if you’re going to use the service)! And there’s no time limit for the free trial either. You can schedule up to 100 free pins before you’ll need to select a payment plan.

How to get your Tailwind free trial

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I like to do things as cheaply as possible. I tried to get away with doing the cheapest Tailwind plan possible, but trust me when I say that you’re going to want to splurge for some of the premium add-ons Tailwind offers. I have the Plus Plan, as well as the Smartloop Max Powerup. The Plus plan offers awesome extras like UNLIMITED Pin scheduling and access to board insights. **More on how to use these features below!

Tailwind pricing

If you want the best deal, you could go with Unlimited Powerup Bundle! It gives you unlimited pinning, smartloops, and tribes!

Tailwind pricing

How To Schedule Pins On Tailwind

There are a few ways to schedule Pins through Tailwind, but I’m only going to show you the easiest way to do it! It really takes no time at all and is super effective!

NOTE: This is the best way to pin if you already have pins on your boards. You’ll want to take the time to craft your pin descriptions and either upload the pin directly to Pinterest or from your website before using this method.

To start, download the Tailwind Chrome extension (or Firefox or Safari, depending on preference). Click on the Drafts button in your left pane menu. Then you’ll see a button to download the extension right next to the Mobile App button.

How to download the Tailwind Chrome extension

How to download the Tailwind Chrome extension

Once you’ve got the extension downloaded, open up a new browser tab and go to your Pinterest profile. You can Pin from your Smartfeed, from your profile, or from specific boards. The extension makes it easy! When you’re ready to pin, click on the Tailwind icon on your browser toolbar and it will bring up all of the Pins you’ve viewed on the screen.

How to use the Tailwind chrome extension

**PRO-TIP: I scroll down past all of the pins I want because sometimes the extension doesn’t grab all of the pins you want if they haven’t been fully viewed.

Click on each of the pins you want to schedule and then you’ll be brought to a scheduling pop-up window. Here you can either add the pin directly to your queue, schedule a time for the pin, add the pin to your Tribes, or add it to your Smartloop. I’ll explain the first two options here.

How to use the Tailwind Chrome extension

To add the Pin directly to your queue, select which boards you’d like the pin to be added to right under the photo and then click the green button at the bottom “Add to queue now.” I RARELY use this method. That’s because it adds the same pin consecutively to your schedule so it looks pretty spammy.

How to use the Tailwind Chrome extension

The method I use is to schedule pins on an interval. To do this, select the boards you want your pin to go to the same way you did above. You’ll have to select more than one board to make this work. Then you’ll click the gray “Use Interval” button. Here you can select which date to start your pins, how much time you want to give in between pins, and the Interval type. Once you’ve selected your preferences, select the green “Set Interval” button and then “Schedule Now.” That’s it!

How to use the Tailwind Chrome extensionHow to use the Tailwind Chrome extension

The Tailwind extension really comes in handy when you have several pins you’re trying to schedule at once. I will select all of the pins I want to schedule and then in the pop-up, I use the “Add Board to all” feature at the top of the window. This allows you to select boards for all of the pins at once rather than add the boards to each pin individually!

How to use the Tailwind Chrome extension

**PRO-TIP: Work in niche batches so you can select boards that will apply to each pin at the top. This saves so much time!

How To Create Board Lists

Now that you know how to schedule pins using the Tailwind extension, I’ll show you several more tricks that will save you time when you’re automating your pinning.

The first trick is to use board lists. This is a group of niche boards that you can create in Tailwind that makes selecting boards when you’re using the Tailwind Chrome extension a lot easier!

To create your board lists, click on Publisher in the left menu, then board lists. When you’re here, just select the “Click to add a list” section and a new board list will pop up. Once it’s up, you can edit the board list name and add your boards to the list.

How to use Tailwind board listsHow to use Tailwind board lists

Then when you go to use the Tailwind Chrome extension and you start typing in board names, you’ll see your board lists at the top with an orange star. Remember my tip about pinning in niche batches?? This is so much easier when you have niche board lists set up! And if you don’t see your boards show up just click that Refresh Board List button at the top.

How to use Tailwind board lists

How To Use Tailwind Tribes

When you sign up with a Plus Plan through Tailwind, you automatically get access to 5 tribes and 30 monthly tribe submissions. You can always add more with a Power-Up plan. Right now, I just use the free tribe plan you get with the Plus Plan.

How to use Tailwind tribesTailwind tribe prices

What are Tailwind Tribes? They are groups of other pinners who allow you to share your pins to the group so the pinners can schedule your pins. It’s a reciprocation group, so you’re often expected to pin other creators’ content in exchange for dropping your pins in the group. It’s a great way to reach new audiences quickly as well as find quality niche content that will increase your Pinterest score.

To use tribes, you have to join tribes. When you’re in Tailwind, click on Tribes in the left menu. Then you’ll click on Find a Tribe in the top menu bar. Here you can select your niches and categories to find tribes to join. You’ll want to pay attention to how many members are in the tribe and the activity level. You can also Preview the Tribe by clicking the blue link next to the tribe name.

How to use Tailwind tribes How to find Tailwind tribes

Some tribes you have to request to join and others you can join without requesting. Once you’re in 5 tribes, you can start adding your pins to be shared by other creators.

How to join Tailwind tribes

To do this, you’ll want to use the Tailwind Chrome extension again. When you’re in that pop-up window, instead of Scheduling the pin, select the white “Add to Tribes” button. This will bring up another pop-up window that shows all of your tribes. It will also show how many pins you’ve contributed to the tribe and how many you’ve shared from the tribe as well as an alert if you’ve already shared a pin from the same web address. You can also see how many submissions you’ve used of your monthly allotment at the bottom of the pop-up.

How to use Tailwind tribesHow to use Tailwind tribes

Once I’ve added the pin to the tribe, I always go into Tailwind to schedule other people’s pins right away so I don’t forget! To do this, go to the Tribes section from the left menu, select the tribe you want from the top left corner drop down and scroll through until you see pins you want to schedule.

How to use Tailwind tribes

When you’ve found one you like, scheduling it is the same process as when you use the extension. Just enter the board name under the picture, select a specific time by clicking the clock icon, or add it to the next available slot in your queue. Once it’s been added successfully, you’ll see the number in the shared section increase.

How to use Tailwind tribes

How to use Tailwind tribes

You can also see some great insights when you’re in the tribe section of Tailwind. On the left-hand side, you can see the tribe’s overview for re-shares and re-pins as well as how your content is performing in the tribe. When you click on the “Yours” tab on the top of the screen, you can see how many shares each specific pin has received. When there are new shares, you can see those in red!

How to use Tailwind tribes

How to use Tailwind tribes

You can also go even deeper into the insights to see who shared your pin, where they pinned it to, if it’s been published or not, and how many potential impressions it received. Just click on the re-share bar under the photo to see all of this awesome info!How to use Tailwind tribes

Using tribes is definitely a great way to get your pins in front of a larger audience quickly. I don’t use tribes a ton, but it’s something that I’m hoping to use more this year!

How To Use The Smartloop Feature

Smartloop is a brand new feature Tailwind released just a few months ago and it. is. AMAZING! Looping was one feature Boardbooster had that Tailwind didn’t. But with Smartloop, Tailwind is now everything that Boardbooster was, but better!

Basically, Smartloop allows you to continuously loop your pins on Pinterest so you don’t have to manually go in and re-pin the same pins over and over again. You select the pins you want to loop, which boards you want them to go to, and how often, and Tailwind takes care of the rest!

There are 3 different Smartloop plans to choose from. I have the lowest plan, just because I wanted to try it out before I committed to anything more expensive. The Elite plan lets you loop 2500 pins a month and the Unlimited plan lets you loop as many pins as you want!

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Tailwind smartloop prices

Here’s how to set up your Smartloops:

Click on Publisher on the left menu bar and then Smartloop. Select the green “New Loop” button on the left side of the middle section. You’ll select whether the loop will be seasonal or evergreen content. Then you can name your loop, select which boards you want to pin to, and the time of year you want the pins to be published.

How to use Tailwind smartloopsHow to use Tailwind smartloopsHow to use Tailwind smartloopsHow to use Tailwind smartloop

Then you choose which pins you want to loop. You can search by board or by which pins were used most recently. I have secret boards set up that I use to grab all of my pins for the loops. Once you’ve selected your pins, you’ll select your Smartloop schedule or how often you want Tailwind to publish your pins.

How to use Tailwind smartloop

I always click the Advanced settings link at the bottom of the schedule to fine-tune how often my pins are going out. Here you can select how many times you want to pin from your loop each day and how long you want to wait before publishing the same pin to the same board.

How to use Tailwind smartloop

**NOTE: Tailwind will not allow you to set your schedule so the time it takes to loop through all of your pins is less than a month. Pinterest sees this a spammy behavior so Tailwind has a block set up to prevent you from doing it.

How to use Tailwind smartloop

Once you’ve set the schedule, you’ll also be able to add any board rules to the loop based on your group boards. This is for rules like how many times you can pin to a specific board.

How to use Tailwind Smartloop

After that, your Smartloop will be up and running! You can see all of your active Smartloops on the left side of the middle section. When you click on each Smartloop, you’ll also see which pins are performing the best, the scheduled pins, and how the loop is performing in general.

How to use Tailwind smartloop

Once you have your loops up and running, you’ll probably want to add pins to them over time. To do this, you can either go into Tailwind directly, click on the loop you want to add to, and then click the green “Add Pins” button. Or you can use my favorite Chrome extension! You’ll select pins that you want to add like I’ve explained previously and then you’ll select the white “Add to Smartloop” button. So easy!

How to use Tailwind smartloopHow to use Tailwind smartloop

How To Update Your Pinning Schedule

Now that you have pins scheduled and Smartloops running, you have a full queue of pins! However, you may want to change your schedule from time to time, add new timeslots, etc., so I’ll explain how to do that!

Click on Publisher and then Scheduled Pins in the left menu bar. Here you’ll see all of your scheduled pins, including Smartloop pins. At the top of the date, you’ll see how many pins are scheduled for the day. On the right side of the screen is a smaller view of what’s seen in the middle. If you hover over the small clipart of the pin you’ll see all of the information you see in the middle section.

How to schedule pins on TailwindHow to schedule pins on TailwindHow to schedule pins on Tailwind

I just discovered this, but you’ll see that some of my Smartloop slots are empty. When I hover over them I get this message:

Tailwind dashboard

Another way Tailwind prevents you from using spammy behavior on Pinterest!

You can shuffle your queue on the right side of the screen and if you click the three dots, you can fill in any empty timeslots.How to update Tailwind schedule

If you want to add or update your timeslots, you can click that option at the bottom of the right panel. This will bring you to your schedule. You can also get there by clicking Publisher > Your Schedule from the left menu.

How to update Tailwind schedule

Here you’ll see all of the timeslots you’ve created with your scheduled pins and your Smartloops. You can either add more timeslots based on your engagement on Pinterest or you can take them away.

To add timeslots you just click on the dotted green times. To remove them, click on the solid green times and then the red trash can at the top of the pop-up.

How to schedule pins on TailwindHow to schedule pins on Tailwind

You can also change how many times you want to pin from your Smartloop from this screen. Just click on the clock next to any Smartloop that says “Recreate Schedule.” This will allow you to add or remove timeslots for the Smartloop.

How to schedule pins on Tailwind

The Importance of Fresh Content

In February 2020, Tailwind revealed a brand new content direction that has changed the way I pin.

My focus, now, is on fresh pins.

Previously, I was repinning all of my old content as much as I could to lots of different boards. Some of those pins were 2+ years old.

Now, Tailwind recommends pinning brand new pins with AT LEAST 2 days in between and only to relevant boards.

So what exactly is a fresh pin?

It’s a new image; and not just a change to the title and description. You need to be creating a new pin that looks noticeably different to the average Pinterest user. Meaning new fonts, new colors, new angles, etc.

Tailwind has tons of resources to help you with this transition including a full article about SmartGuide, their new feature that recommends best practices for Pinterest.

This transition would not have been easy without all of Tailwind’s help. It’s more important than ever to have a great Pinterest scheduler on your side.

Navigating the Tailwind App

I’ve given some pretty detailed instructions on how to get to the major parts of Tailwind, but I thought I’d do just a quick tour of the app so you know where the most important features are.

When you first log into Tailwind, you’ll see your dashboard. Here you get a quick snapshot of your repins, domain pins, and new followers.

Tailwind dashboard

You can also access this information through the left menu panel. There are tabs for Weekly Summary, Tribes, Publisher, and Insights. Under Publisher, you’ll see everything you need for publishing pins and under Insights, you’ll see different sections that tell you how your pins and profile are performing.

How to use Tailwind

On the top of the screen, there are buttons to get more help through the FAQ database and video guides as well as to access everything related to your profile and account.

How to use Tailwind

The thing I LOVE about Tailwind is that they have so many helpful tutorials and answers right at your fingertips! There’s a big orange button at the top with a video guide. You can also click the big question mark at the bottom of the screen with lots of helps. You can type in your question and lots of articles will pop-up or you can message the Tailwind customer service directly with your question. They have always been super helpful and quick to respond!

How to use Tailwind

I Hope you Plan to use the BEST Pinterest Scheduler

I hope this tailwind tutorial has been majorly helpful! I see bloggers talking about Tailwind all of the time and how they are afraid to use it. It can seem pretty intimidating to start, but it’s one of the best Pinterest tools out there and will help your pinning 100%!

Want More?

I’ve got more great blogging tips. Now that you’ve learned all about the Tailwind Pinterest scheduler, learn these 6 Secrets To Success For New Bloggers!

Your Turn

Are there any questions you still have that I didn’t address in this post? Do you plan to use Tailwind for your Pinterest scheduler? Let me know in the comments!

And, if you liked this post about how to use Tailwind for Pinterest, please pin it below! Preferably using the Tailwind extension 😉