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Basketball Bedroom Ideas For Boys (Hudson’s Room Refresh)

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Here are several basketball bedroom ideas for boys who are pre-teen or teen. I share everything from bedding to bookshelves, plus my favorite organization tips.

Basketball themed bedroom decor with brown leather pillow on bed and LED basketball light on wall.

My son Hudson will be 10 this year and has had the same bedroom decor since he was a little boy.

We decided it was time for him to have a bit of a room refresh!

His favorite sport is basketball so I spent several days researching and getting ideas on how to re-do his room.

I’m so happy with the results, especially since they didn’t require any major demolition or change to the layout of his room.

Hudson’s Room Before

Hudson’s room before was “forest” themed (because of his middle name), but you probably wouldn’t have been able to tell! There were lots of random decor and toys all over that didn’t really go well together.

It was pretty cluttered and a little young for him.

Keep scrolling to see how his room update went!

Basketball Room Ideas

Shelf with basketball decor including basketball car and small basketballs.

I put together a mood board of how I wanted his room to look and everything turned out how I envisioned it! (We didn’t get the same bookshelf I put in the mood board because I found one that had a cabinet after I made the graphic!)

Graphic with different decor pieces for a boy's basketball bedroom.

The LED basketball light was definitely a splurge, but I couldn’t find anything similar that was a decent price. It ties the room together so well and I’m happy we got it!

The night stand and bed were smaller than what he originally had in his room, so I wasn’t too happy with the purchases at first, but now they’ve grown on me. Plus Hudson has more space to shoot hoops which he’s totally fine with!

In total, we spent about $800 on all of the decor. I ended up selling all of his old decor for $100 so it ended up being $700!

PRO TIP: The best way to afford home decor refreshes is to sell your old decor! As long as it’s in good shape, I’ve never had any problems selling old decor to help pay for the new things I want!

Organization Tips

To give his room more space and feel less cramped, we moved his dresser into the closet. Thankfully he has a walk-in closet so there’s space for his dresser as well as a small table where he stores all of his toys. I love using organizing bins under the table to keep things in their place.

He also has a basketball backpack that he uses for practice that didn’t really have a home, so I added a hook to his closet system for him to easily hang his backpack on and keep it off of the floor!

When it comes to keeping things organized and not looking cluttered, drawers and cabinets are your best friend!

I purposely got him a night stand with drawers in it so he could store his books and medicine out of sight. And then we moved all of the books from his old bookshelf into the cabinet of his new one so they were out of sight.

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Your Turn

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