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Barbie Birthday Party Ideas (Ella’s 8th Birthday)

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Come on Barbie; let’s go party! Discover the ultimate guide to planning a fabulous Barbie birthday party with ideas for themed decorations, fun activities, and delicious treats.

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I can’t believe my sweet Ella is 8!

It feels like just yesterday I was planning her floral first birthday party…

If you’re new here, I only give my kids birthday parties with friends every 4 years. So they get a party when they turn 1, 4, 8, 12, and 16.

But we go BIG with these parties.

It’s a lot of work on my end, but planning parties is one of my creative outlets so I actually enjoy spending the time coming up with the theme, decorations, and activities.

We had this Barbie party theme planned for a year and I’m so glad Ella still wanted to do it because it turned out so cute!

Barbie Invitations

Pink Barbie birthday invitation with heart and star decorations.

For the invitation, I found a design on Canva that I liked and just tweaked it a little to get it to look how I wanted.

The design I used is called Tarjeta de invitación Cumpleaños Niña Divertido Rosa.

Barbie Birthday Decor

The birthday party decor was so fun for me to dream up!

I knew I wanted to rent a bounce house, and adding a balloon garland to it seemed like the perfect addition.

There were actually enough balloons so we could create a smaller garland to go with with arch backdrop inside.

I have amazing friends who let me borrow the Barbie box and created the vinyl lettering for the backdrop. I couldn’t have done it without them!

And I happened to see a video for the Barbie car floral arrangement a few weeks before the party. I just clipped some flowers from my rose garden and arranged them in the car. It turned out so cute!

Barbie Food

Pink food table with pizza, cupcakes, and Barbie balloons on the wall.

For food, we went very basic with pizza, breadsticks, and fruit. I also got some white cupcakes from a local bakery and added my own sprinkles and glitter picks.

It would have been so fun to do a pink charcuterie board with lots of fun Barbie food, but since we’ve switched over to dye-free foods, it’s tough to find dye-free pink food. It can be done, it’s just not as fun lol.

We served pink colored juices mixed with Sprite for the drinks. We made them extra fun by adding a holographic drink umbrella!

I saved money on the cups, table cloths, and plates by getting them at the dollar store!

Party Activities

For the activities, the bounce house was the main attraction and the girls had so much fun with it!

We also had a glam bar where we did glitter tattoos and gems and the girls were all about that as well.

I played a kid-friendly Barbie playlist I found on Spotify and that helped bring a fun vibe throughout the party.

We also did pictures of each of the girls with Ella in the Barbie box!

Here are some additional fun and engaging games and activities for a Barbie-themed birthday party:

  1. Barbie Fashion Show:
    • Set up a mini runway and let the kids dress up in their favorite Barbie-inspired outfits.
    • Provide various accessories and costume pieces.
    • Have a “paparazzi” area where they can take pictures.
  2. DIY Barbie Crafts:
    • Set up a crafting station where kids can decorate their own Barbie doll clothes or accessories.
    • Offer materials like fabric scraps, glitter, stickers, and markers.
  3. Barbie Bingo:
    • Create bingo cards featuring Barbie-related images and words.
    • Use small toys or candies as markers.
  4. Barbie Scavenger Hunt:
    • Hide Barbie-themed items around the party area.
    • Provide clues or a map for the kids to find these items.
  5. Pin the Bow on Barbie:
    • Create a large poster of Barbie.
    • Have the kids try to pin a bow or other accessory on Barbie while blindfolded.
  6. Barbie Dance Party:
    • Play popular Barbie songs and have a dance-off.
    • Provide small prizes for the best dancers.
  7. Barbie Story Time:
    • Read a Barbie storybook aloud to the kids.
    • Follow up with a discussion or drawing activity based on the story.
  8. Barbie Cupcake Decorating:
    • Set up a cupcake decorating station with Barbie-themed decorations like edible glitter, pink frosting, and Barbie cupcake toppers.
    • Let the kids decorate their own cupcakes.

Party Favors

Barbie birthday party favors including pink sunglasses, headband, brush, scrunchie and makeup brush on pink sequin backdrop.

The party favors were so fun! I knew I wanted to give the girls a fun, girly bag of party favors but buying all of the pieces separately was really adding up.

Then I found the kits with all of the pieces and bag in one! You get a ton of stuff for the price and all of the girls loved them!

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Your Turn

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