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Top 10 Baby Shower Games and Fun Activities for 2024

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Check out these top 10 baby shower games and activities (plus a few more) to keep your party guests entertained with memorable experiences!

Pinterest graphic with text that reads "Creative Baby Shower Games and Activities" and a collage of ideas.

We’re sharing our 10 favorite baby shower games to entertain your guests, plus other fun activities to keep your party lively and fun.

You’ll also find a list of the best locations to host your baby shower and unique baby shower themes for boys and girls.

If you’re planning a baby shower, we’ve got you covered with all the inspiration and clever ideas you’ll ever need!

Top 10 Baby Shower Games

A pregnant woman and her baby shower guests touch her belly with excited faces.

1. Baby Shower Word Scramble

Baby shower word scramble printables on blue background.

Baby shower word scramble is a fun and engaging game where guests try to unscramble a list of words related to babies, pregnancy, parenthood or the baby shower theme.

You can purchase premade word scrambles through websites like Etsy or make your own using a platform like Canva (Grab the word scramble shown above here).

2. Guess The Baby Food

Three white containers with orange, yellow, and green baby food inside and different colored spoons.

“Guess the Baby Food” is a classic and entertaining baby shower game that involves guests trying to identify various baby foods based on taste and appearance.

To play, remove the labels from baby food jars (or pour the food into small cups or containers) to keep the flavors a secret. Number each jar or container with a corresponding number on a hidden list for reference.

You can either pass the jars around for your guests to sample or have them approach a table.

Each person will write their guesses on a corresponding numbered list and then you can see who gets the most correct.

3. Melted Chocolate Diaper Game

The “Melted Chocolate Diaper” game is a hilarious and creative baby shower activity that involves guests guessing the type of candy bar melted inside a diaper.

While the name may sound a bit unusual, it’s a fun and light-hearted way to entertain your party-goers.

To play, melt chocolate candies in a microwave-safe dish and place them on clean diapers. Number the diapers to correspond to a candy bar answer key.

Pass the diapers around, and allow your guests to view and sniff the diapers before writing their guesses on a piece of paper.

4. Baby Shower Mad Libs

Mad Libs is a word game where players fill in the blanks of a pre-written story with various parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.) without knowing the context.

You can write your own story or find examples online for free or to purchase from websites like Etsy.

To play, go around the room and have each guest provide a noun, verb, or adjective as needed to fill in the blanks of your story before sharing the finished product.

5. What’s in your Purse?

"What's in Your Purse" baby shower game printables on a pink background.

The “What’s in Your Purse” baby shower game is a simple and interactive activity that gets guests involved in a friendly competition.

To play, create a list of items that guests might have in their purses or bags. Include a variety of common and more unusual items, with common items being worth fewer points than more unusual items.

Encourage guests to search through their purses to find as many items as possible.

Whoever has the most points wins.

6. Bottle Chug

The “Bottle Chug” baby shower game is a fun and light-hearted activity that involves participants chugging liquid from baby bottles.

It’s a playful way to engage guests and bring some laughter to the celebration.

Ask for volunteers to see who can finish their bottle first.

7. How Many Jar

A sea-themed baby shower table with a jar of shelves and a sign telling guests to guess how many.

This baby shower guessing game adds an element of excitement and anticipation to the celebration. It involves guests estimating the number of items in a jar, typically related to baby or parenting themes.

To play, fill a clear jar with your chosen item and ask guests to place their bets.

At some point during the party, you can reveal the actual number of items, and whoever chooses the closest number without going over wins.

8. How Big is Mom’s Belly?

Baby shower game to guess the mom's belly size with ribbon and scissors.

The “How Big Is Mom’s Belly” baby shower game involves guests guessing the size of the expectant mom’s baby bump.

To play, distribute ribbon, yarn or string to each guest, and have them cut a piece that they think will wrap around the mom’s belly perfectly.

Each guest will attempt to wrap their string around the mother’s belly, and whoever has the closest fit wins.

9. Don’t Say Baby

You can play “Don’t Say Baby” for the entire party.

The goal is not to say the word “baby” throughout the duration of the baby shower.

As guests arrive or at a designated time during the baby shower, hand each guest a clothespin, sticker, or ribbon and instruct them to attach it to their clothing.

If someone catches another guest saying “baby,” they can take the clothespin, sticker, or ribbon from them.

Whoever has the most pins, stickers, or ribbon at the end of the party wins.

10. Nursery Rhymes Emoji Pictionary

Nursery Rhymes Emojis Pictionary printables on a blue background.

Nursery Rhymes Emoji Pictionary” is a unique and engaging baby shower game where guests try to guess the names of popular nursery rhymes based on emoji clues.

You can find premade ideas through Pinterest and Etsy or make your own on a platform like Canva.

Specify a time limit for the game. Depending on the number of emoji sets, 10-15 minutes is usually sufficient.

Encourage guests to study the emoji clues and write down their guesses next to the corresponding numbers on the game sheet.

Whoever has the most correct answers wins.

More Fun Activity Ideas

Here are some other fun activities to include in your baby shower.

These ideas allow your guests to participate at their leisure as they mingle and munch on party food.

  • Write words of wisdom or advice for mom.
  • Write a message on a diaper for mom.
  • Sign a book, blocks, puzzle pieces, etc.
  • Decorate a onesie or bib.
  • Guess what the baby will look like using pictures of mom and dad.
  • Guess the baby’s due date.
  • Vote on the baby’s name.

The Best Places to Host a Baby Shower

Woman huddle around a pregnant woman at a party and touch her belly.

If you’re not sure where to host your baby shower, here’s a list of the best places to have a baby shower for gatherings large and small and for any budget.

You’ll find fun and unique indoor and outdoor locations and venues that party guests will love!

Cute and Unique Themes

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This post for modern baby shower ideas will help you pick the perfect theme for a boy or girl and for any season.

Find cute and creative decorations, invitations, favors, and more.

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Your Turn

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