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Try These Sweet Baby Girl Bedroom Ideas On A Budget

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Inside: Looking for baby girl bedroom ideas on a budget? I share several adorable ideas that are sure to make your heart (and wallet) happy.

Every mom dreams about what their baby’s nursery will look like, right?

I remember scanning Pinterest with my first (a boy) and then later with my second (a girl) looking for the perfect decor that matched my taste, and our budget.

I’d find the perfect photo, clap excitedly to myself, and start scanning the corresponding blog post for the links to all of the cute baby room decor.

And then it would happen…

I’d click on a link to my favorite piece and my heart would sink when I saw the price tag.


There’s no WAY we could afford something that expensive on our small, single salary income.

So I’d go on searching, knowing that my baby’s bedroom would never look like the pictures I saw on Pinterest simply because we couldn’t afford that.

Well, today I’m here to tell you that you CAN get the nursery you love without blowing your budget.

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How do you decorate a nursery on a budget?

Baby girl crib and name sign.

First, you need to set your budget; the TOTAL amount you want to spend. If that’s $1000, great! If that’s $100, still great! Just decide your budget and then stick to it!

If your budget is small (like mine was with our first two), you’ll want to find the best deals on the big-ticket items like the crib, dresser, and glider. You may have to go without some of those items for a while until you can save for them, and that’s totally fine!

We bought our first two cribs at IKEA because they were around $100. We found a crib mattress there too and spent around $150 for each baby.

The dressers we bought were not super nice, but they were what we could afford. I just searched Google for the color I wanted and then purchased the cheapest one I could find with the best reviews.

Another great option is to use Facebook Marketplace. I see listings for baby furniture all of the time and if you’re really motivated, you could even paint the crib or dresser the color you want.

That being said, it may be worth it to invest in some solid furniture upfront that you know you can use with multiple babies. We used the rocker from our first baby until our second was 2.5! We’ve also had the same changing pad and cover for all three of our babies.

If you’re willing to put some extra effort in, you can keep those expensive pieces looking nice for years to come (while saving yourself from having to repurchase the same furniture with each baby).

One of the last ways to save money decorating a nursery is to break out the glue gun and faux flowers and DIY the decor you want!

I made bunting out of some craft paper for my son’s nursery and it still hangs in his room today!

I also made a floral letter “E” for my daughter’s room that I love because it was handmade and customized just for her. And it cost me like $10.

DIY projects are definitely more time consuming, but if you’re looking to decorate on a budget, it’s a great way to save some cash.

My favorite baby girl bedroom ideas

White dresser with flower decor.

Without further ado, let’s get into Mia’s bedroom decor!

A few of the items I DIY’d to save money on were the floral garland on her dresser and above her name sign.

I also re-used the changing pad and cover as well as frames we had lying around for the floral prints. And instead of paying someone else to print the designs form me, I found a digital download on Etsy and printed it at home.

**Full disclosure: I was gifted several items in Mia’s bedroom. However, I only promote and accept items I would pay for myself, so you can be sure they are budget-friendly!

Baby girl crib and name sign.Wooden name sign hangs as part of some baby room decor.Peach and floral baby girl crib bedding.White changing table in front of flower wall decals.Faux fur stool placed next to white dresser with floral decor.Bow stand on top of white dresser.DIY bow organizer

Crib [gifted from Dorel Living]
Dresser [gifted from Dorel Living]
Changing table [gifted from Dorel Living]
Glider [sold out, but here is a similar option under $200, and one under $300]
Name sign [gifted from The Rustic Grove]
Caddy [gifted from MollieOllie]
Sheet [gifted from Loomwell]
Snuggle blanket [gifted from Loomwell]
Lamb’s Ear garland
Moccasins [gifted from Freshly Picked]
Curtain Rod
Bow curtain rod
Curtain clips
Headband rod
Headband hooks
White stool [similar]
Peony decals
Floral prints
Bows [Amazon, Heartfelt Blooms, Breilee Co]

Check out a full tour of the room below:

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Your turn

Where are your favorite places to shop for nursery decor? Do you have any other budget-friendly baby girl bedroom ideas? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments.

Easy and affordabe ideas for a DIY baby girl nursery.