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Top 10 Baby Gender Reveal Quotes For Parties in 2024

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Check out these adorable baby gender reveal quotes plus fun gender reveal party ideas and tips for new and seasoned moms!

If you’re a first time mom and planning a gender reveal, here are some fun and adorable quotes to use when revealing the sex of your new addition!

Learning your baby’s gender is a special moment in your pregnancy and it deserves to be celebrated!

You can use these quotes for a social media announcement or incorporate them into a party theme.

We also share cute ways to announce your baby’s gender, including ideas using cake, confetti, and more.

You’ll also find creative ideas to plan the perfect party for your friends and family!

Keep scrolling for the best gender reveal quotes for parties, plus smart party planning tips and tricks!

Gender Reveal 101

Wooden blocks that spell boy or girl over pink and blue decorations.

Following a baby announcement, and before a baby shower, new parents often choose to reveal their baby’s gender to friends and family members in a fun and creative way.

This could be through a social media post or a gender reveal party.

Some opt for a simple reveal using a photo with a few props and a quote, and some prefer a more elaborate production for the big moment, using things like:

  • Balloons
  • Cake
  • Colored powder
  • Pink or blue confetti
  • Pink or blue paint
  • A squirt gun

(More ideas, below!)

Some new moms and dads opt not to know the gender of the baby before the party. If that’s the case, another person will organize the big reveal so they can be surprised, too.

Whatever method you choose, it’s always a nice touch to incorporate cute gender-reveal rhymes or quotes to share your happy news.

Below you’ll find themed gender reveal quotes to use for a Facebook or Instagram caption, your invitation card design, or a party banner that we know you’ll love!

Fun Baby Gender Reveal Quotes

Top General Quotes

Here are some general ideas that can work both as a party theme or social media caption:

  1. “He or She, what will Baby (last name) be?”
  2. “We’re thrilled to finally know, we’ll have a little he or a little she to watch grow!”
  3. “Let’s pop the balloon and let the confetti fly, revealing the gender of our little gal or guy!”
  4. “A little brother or sister is on their way, we can’t wait to find out today!”
  5. “Blue or pink? What do you think?”
  6. “Little Miss or Little Mister? Let’s find out together!”
  7. “Team Lashes or Team Staches?”
  8. “Oh, baby! Are you Team Boy or Team Girl?”
  9. “Boy or girl, it doesn’t matter to us, we’re just excited to add another member to our family bus!”
  10. “Welcome to the Big Reveal!”

Top Party Theme Quotes

And here are some adorable sayings to use for a party theme.

  1. “Fish-HE or Fish-SHE? We can’t wait to see!”
  2. “What will baby bee?”
  3. “Boy or Girl? We donut know!”
  4. “Orange you curious what the little cutie will be?”
  5. “He or She? What will our sweet baby be?”
  6. “We’re bubbling with excitement!”
  7. “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, How We Wonder What You Are”

More Party Ideas and Tips

Once you’ve selected your favorite gender reveal quotes, it’s time to plan the actual reveal! Here are some fun ways to reveal your baby’s gender during a party or online.

Fun Gender Reveal Ideas

Flat Lays

An ultrasound picture next to a sign that says sugar and spice and everything nice.

Flat lays are the perfect easy, yet creative way to announce your baby’s gender in an online post.

They’re simple, no fuss, and only require a few materials like a sign, an ultrasound photo, and some cute props.

Colored Powder

A woman in a white dress covers here eyes while surrounded by pink powder.

A colored powder gender reveal is an exciting and dramatic way to announce your baby’s gender. And it’s a great option for an in-person party.

You and your guests will be wowed by the theatrics.


Man and woman stand behind large white box with blue balloons coming out while other friends clap and cheer.

Balloons are one of the most traditional ways to reveal a baby’s gender.

You’ll just need some helium balloons with the appropriate color and a box to release them from.

This is another great announcement idea for an in-person party.

Big Siblings

Boy in Buzz Lightyear costume surrounded boy Toy Story toys and a sign that says brother on the way.

Don’t be afraid to get siblings involved.

There are so many cute ways to announce a baby’s gender using their brothers and sisters.

They can hold a sign, eat an appropriately colored ice cream cone, wear a graphic tee, and more.

Photo cred: Chelsee Slippey


Man and woman smile with excitement next to boy on stool while pink confetti and balloons fall to ground.

Pink or blue confetti is another fun and festive way to reveal your baby’s gender.

You can have it shoot from a cannon or fall from an opened box.

Colored Clothing

A woman in a pink and blue dress stands in front of a pink background.

Here’s another simple gender reveal idea that’s great for an online announcement.

Simply wear clothes in the appropriate color, pink for a girl and blue for a boy.

Cake, Cake Pops, and Cupcakes

Blue candies spill from a cake with a large slice taken out of it.

Colored cakes and desserts are another classic way to announce a baby’s gender.

And it might be the most fun way because you get to eat the results!

You can make your own gender-reveal cupcakes, cakes, or cookies, or utilize a local bakery.


We’ve covered the best gender reveal quotes for a party, fun ways to reveal your baby’s gender, now it’s time to choose the perfect decorations!

If you need inspiration for cute decorations, there are endless ideas on Pinterest!

Here are some of our favorite ideas:


If you’re planning a gender reveal party, you’ll also need some fun games and activities. Below, we’ve shared some of our favorite ideas from Pinterest.

You’ll find ideas like team ‘staches vs. team lashes where guests choose either a mustache or false eyelashes to signify whether they’re team girl or team boy.

You’ll also find guessing games, like “how many candies are in the baby bottle?”, that are a great way to keep guests entertained until the big reveal.

Whether you’re having a baby boy or a baby girl, these simple and fun ideas are sure to please!


We also love these yummy gender-reveal food ideas that are perfect for any theme:

What’s Next

A woman in a pink and blue dress holds blue baby booties in front of her belly.

Now that you know the gender of your baby, so many other big moments are in store.

This includes choosing your baby’s name, setting up your registry, and planning a baby shower.

Get some inspiration from the ideas and tips, below!

Choosing Your Baby’s Name

It’s often both exciting and stressful to choose your baby’s name.

And there are so many different ways to go about it.

Do you look for family names, trendy and modern baby names, or names that are timeless and traditional?

Whatever you decide, we’ve compiled several baby name lists to help you make your choice!

Baby name ideas for a little girl:

Baby name ideas for a little mister:

Setting up Your Baby Registry

You’ll also need to set up a baby registry so friends and family can help you purchase the necessary items for your new baby.

Here are some of our favorite registry items for the first time mom:

Check out our full baby registry checklist, including items for mom.

Planning Your Baby Shower

Collage of modern boy and girl baby shower ideas and themes.

If you had fun choosing between these cute gender reveal quotes for a party, you’ll love these fun baby shower theme ideas we’ve collected from top photographers, party planners, and moms just like you!

You can see a full list of the top baby shower themes to celebrate your bundle of joy in this post for 30 Modern Baby Shower Ideas and Themes.

You’ll find ideas with a honey bee theme, boho theme, ideas for indoor and outdoor showers, cute ideas for boys, cute ideas for girls, and more!

You’re sure to find the perfect fun theme!

And here are some of the best places to have a baby shower for every budget (including cheap and free options):

  • Local park
  • Botanical garden
  • Tea room
  • Golf club
  • Country club
  • Rooftop Terrace

You can see the full list at the link above, separated by indoor and outdoor locations.

Download The Quotes

If you like the graphics I made with the gender reveal quotes on them, you can download them without my website at the bottom! Once you enter your email to unlock the image, click on it and you’ll be taken to the folder with all of the graphics.

Graphic with different gender reveal quotes.


What do you write in a gender reveal post?

Most moms and parents-to-be include a rhyming or “punny” gender reveal quote.

Here are some of our favorite ideas:

– “We’re thrilled to finally know, we’ll have a little he or a little she to watch grow!”
– “Blue or pink? What do you think?”
– “Little Miss or Little Mister? Let’s find out together!”

The Bottom Line

No matter which of these gender reveal quotes you choose, or the method for your big announcement, the most important thing is to make it a special moment for you, your friends, and your family.

Choose options that feel authentic to you and your partner and you can’t go wrong!

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