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9 Perfect Baby Announcement Board Options

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Looking for the perfect baby announcement board? Here are 9 options that are great for sharing your exciting news!

Letter boards are such a fun and trendy way to share your baby announcement with family and friends!

Not only is it great to use in your announcement, but you can continue to incorporate the board to share baby’s birth, in their monthly photos, and at their first birthday party.

It’s such a functional piece of decor!

So if you know what you want your announcement to say, but aren’t sure which board to use, here are 9 different options perfect for any budget and taste.

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Baby Announcement Letter Boards

1. Basic Square Letter Board

Square letterboard with white felt.

The basic square letter board is probably the most popular choice for baby announcements. It fits nicely in a flat lay, or for a couple to hold, or to give to your kiddos!

A neutral color is always nice for pictures, but this 12 x 12 letter board also has several color options so you can get one suited to the gender of your baby if you’re announcing that as well!

2. Double Sided Letter Board

Double sided felt letter board on an easel.

If you’re having a difficult time deciding on a color, why not get a double sided letter board?

This letter board is super affordable and it comes with symbols, shapes, and cursive months so you can dress up your announcement.

3. Magnetic Letter Board

White magnetic letter board on a pink background.
Photo from The Type Set Co.

If you like to go against the flow, but still want to follow the board announcement trend, try a magnetic letter board!

It has a nice modern look to it and allows you to space your letters how you want without the restrictions of a traditional felt board.

4. White Letter Board

White letter board with gold letters.
Photo from hooraydays

Do you love white decor and want more of it in your life? Then this letter board is perfect for you!

It’s 10 x 10 and has gold letters that pop against the white background to give it an extra glitzy and glam look.

5. Colorful Letter Board

Colored letter board on a white background.

Alternatively, if you love color and need a letter board that will stand out, you’ll love these options from Felt Good Vibes!

She has unique colors and patterns that aren’t available anywhere else.

6. Wood Letter Board

Wood letter board on a white background.

And if you prefer a more muted look, a wood letter board may be your best bet.

It’s a break from the traditional felt letter board and will give your announcement a rustic and modern look.

7. Long Letter Board

Long letter board with white letters.

Do you have a lot to say in your announcement or do you need the board to be seen from far away? You probably want a long letter board then!

This long letter board is great for announcement pictures with a wider shot because it’s big enough that you can still read what’s written.

8. Hexagon Letter Board

Hexagon letter board on a white rug.
Photo from LoLueMade

For something that’s non-traditional, but still adorable, choose a hexagon letter board.

The shape is so unique and will make your announcement stand out from the crowd.

9. Edit Yourself Letter Board File

Digital text on a letter board flat lay.
Photo from PaperlyPrints

An edit-yourself letter board is a great option if you want someone else to take care of arranging the flat lay and designing the photo!

You’ll get a digital file where you can edit the date and the name (if applicable) and you’re done! Then you have a beautiful announcement ready to share on social media without any of the work.

Letter Board Accessories

1. Custom Words

Cursive welcome baby saying on a blue letter board.

You can make your baby announcement even more unique with a custom saying.

Make your last name a fun cursive font or the month your baby is due. You can even add cute icons to the letter board that match the time of year you make your baby announcement.

2. Tools

Blue letter cutter on a white background.
Photo from Felt Good Vibes

Twisting off the plastic letters from their frame is definitely a tedious task. You can use this nifty letter cutter to speed up the task.

Want More?

If you liked these baby announcement board options, be sure to check out this list of baby announcement ideas for ways to use the letter boards!

Your Turn

Which letter board option is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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Monday 17th of January 2022

Such cute announcements! When my husband and I posted, we purchased from, they have hundreds of pregnancy announcement templates to choose from. Good luck to all the new moms! This is such an exciting time :)