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50+ Creative Maternity Photography Ideas For 2024

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Check out these 50+ creative maternity photography ideas from real moms like you to get ideas for poses and maternity dresses. Plus, tips for your own maternity photoshoot!

I think all expecting mamas should consider getting maternity photos done at least once during their pregnancy; even if they feel self-conscious!

The maternity pictures I’ve had taken over the years are some of my very favorite photos.

I would be so sad if I never had those memories of my baby bump to cherish.

So to give you some motivation (and inspiration) I’m sharing lots of creative maternity photography ideas.

Some photos are super glamorous and fancy while others are more casual and laid back, but be assured there are photos for every style and mama!

I’m also sharing some tips I’ve learned over the years to make sure your pictures go as smoothly as possible.

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A pregnant brunette in a peach dress hold her stomach while posing for maternity photos.

Tips For Beautiful Maternity Photography

1. Make sure you’re comfortable!

In terms of what you wear to the maternity session, make sure it’s something you’re 100% comfortable in.

If you don’t like showing a lot of skin, then an open lacey gown with underwear probably isn’t the best option for you! And if you don’t like form-fitting clothes, opt for a more flowy dress that will accentuate your bump.

2. Research the photographer beforehand.

This goes for any type of photos, but make sure you have looked through your prospective professional photographer’s work before signing a contract.

You should also make sure they have experience taking maternity portraits.

If you’re just having a friend or family member take them, then you wouldn’t need to be as thorough but if you’re paying money, make sure you do your research!

3. Find example poses to show the photographer.

I always like sending a few inspiration photos to my photographer before a shoot.

Look on Pinterest (or this blog post!) for some poses and angles that you want to make sure to capture.

If all else fails, at least you’ll have those photos that you really love.

4. Try your outfit on at least a week before the photos.

There’s nothing worse than getting dressed before your pictures only to realize your dress doesn’t fit like you thought it would!

Make sure you try your outfit on a week before your pictures to give you a realistic fit and to give yourself enough time to find a backup dress if needed.

5. Consider taking fun props for the photos.

You can use things like your ultrasound pictures, letter boards, or items like a pair of baby shoes or bows.

Have those ready to go so you can get a few photos with them.

6. Don’t forget your hands!

Maternity pictures are a great excuse for some pampering!

Schedule a manicure to make sure your hands look their best for those up-close bump shots.

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Best Maternity Dresses for Photoshoots

One of the biggest hang-ups moms have when it comes to a pregnancy photo shoot is what to wear.

Here are several dress options if you don’t know where to look.

And here are some additional stores and dress rental options:

You can always ask your photographer if they offer dress rentals before you book.


At what week should you take maternity pictures?

The best time for taking maternity pictures is usually between 26 and 34 weeks or when you’re in your third trimester.

Your bump is out in full force, but you’re not waddling and swollen like you are in the last few weeks of pregnancy. You also don’t want to schedule your pictures too close to your due date because you never know when you’ll go into labor.

However, if this is your second or third pregnancy and you start to show early on, you might get away with taking photos earlier.

With my fourth pregnancy, I took photos at 24 weeks and my bump was big enough that you can tell I’m pregnant, but I wasn’t as swollen as I have been in other photos.

How should I pose for a maternity shoot?

You’ll get the most flattering angles of your bump from standing up, but don’t be afraid to sit and lay down (but not for too long!) as well.

You can see tons of examples of standing, sitting, and laying down maternity poses for your pregnancy photoshoot below, so be sure to share those with your photographer.

How can I look thinner in maternity photos?

Here are a few tips for looking thinner in your pictures:

-Pick a dress that is form-fitting to accentuate your curves. Or at least tight enough from your bump, up.
-Wear something that covers your arms.
-Pop a knee or bend your hip when you’re standing to define your figure in the full body shots.
-Try to looking down or to the side instead of looking at the front of the camera (this is my go-to pose to highlight my jawline!).

How long should a maternity shoot be?

This will be up to you, but you’ll probably want to plan on at least 30 minutes! This is usually what photographers refer to as a mini shoot and can save you a lot of money.

If you have other family members joining you or you want to do several outfit changes, plan on an hour – an hour and a half. Your maternity shoot can be a great way to get pictures of the whole family with your bump!

Outdoor Maternity Photography Ideas

Now let’s get to the actual maternity photography ideas!

I decided to break up the photos into two groups: outdoor and indoor.

For the outdoor sessions, I also broke them up by location so you can search for your specific look based on where you want your pictures.

Outdoor photos are the best way to get that beautiful golden hour light right before the sun rises or sets for the day.

Beach/Nautical Maternity Photos

Photography by Christine Barlow

Woman in blue dress, man in blue shirt, and baby embrace in beach maternity photo.
Husband and wife place hands on woman's pregnant belly in beach maternity picture.

Photography by Katie Lynn

Photograpy by Paulina Kettenring

Mom to be wearing a red split front gown smiles during beach maternity pictures.
Woman poses for her beach maternity pictures while wearing a red split front gown.

Photography by First Impressions Photography

Photography by Sarah Rose Photography

Woman wearing a flower crown and purple dress holds her bump in her beach maternity pictures.
Mom to be wearing a a purple dress stands on rocky beach for maternity pictures.
Pregnant mom wearing a purple dress walks along the beach for maternity pictures.

Photography by Maddie Jeppson Photography

Mom wearing a cream maxi dress walks along beach for maternity session.

Photography by Takke Photography

Brunette woman holds her baby belly while standing near a waterfall during beach maternity pictures.

Photography by Samantha Sprague Photography

Woman wears a flower crown and holds her baby bump during her outdoor maternity pictures.

This mama’s flower crown is a beautiful addition to the picture. Photography by Kendra Bird Photography

Couple wearing white walks through the water during their maternity photos.

Photography by Rianon Stephens Photography

Woodsy/Forest Maternity Photos

Husband and wife touch foreheads in a forest during maternity pictures.

Photography by Hailey Jo Photography

Woman wearing white dress and man wearing gray shirt touch foreheads in forest.

Photography by Ashley Meagan Photography

Woman with curly hair and a pink dress holds belly during forest maternity pictures.

Photography by Ellie Martinez

Husband and wife wearing white pose during maternity photos in the forest.

Photography by Rianon Stephens Photography

Photography by Adriana Bowers

Blonde woman wearing cream lace dress holds her stomach in woodsy maternity pictures.

Photography by Rachel Van Schyndel

Blonde woman wearing a blue lace dress smiles during outdoor maternity session.

Photography by Sarah Dixon Photography

Photography by Lauren Simon

Brunette woman wearing an orange dress stands in a lake during forest maternity pictures.

Photography by Takke Photography

Blonde woman wearing pink sequin dress looks at her stomach during maternity photos.
Blonde woman wearing pink sequin dress stands on grassy hillside during maternity pictures.

Photography by Takayla Mar Batty

Family of three smiles in a field of wildflowers during forest maternity pictures.

Here’s a great example of using older children in the picture. Photography by Kristin Reader Photography

Photography by Emily Bitter

Photography by Photos by Kimmer

Desert Maternity Photos

Wife wearing sequin maxi dress holds husband's hand during desert maternity photos.

Photography by Kristin Bowden Photography

Photography by Dani Lacey

Woman's gray dress flows in the wind during her red rock desert maternity photos.

Photography by Elizabeth Ann Photography

Blonde woman wearing white dress sits on a rock in her maternity pictures.
Woman wearing white dress dances with husband during desert maternity pictures.

Photography by Takayla Mar Batty

Woman holds baby boy while man holds woman's hips and daughter grabs his arm in desert photo.
Man wearing brown shirt kisses woman wearing white dress in the desert.

Photos of Mariah by Berklee D. Photography

Photography by Lindsey Tripp

Photography by Tay Lynn Photography

Photography by Sydni Lee Photography

Couple smiles during desert maternity photos.
Woman's red dress flows in the wind during desert maternity photos.

Photography by Rise And Shine Photography

Photograpy by Paulina Kettenring

Pregnant woman wearing white dress and beige hat stands on a rock surrounded by water.
Woman wearing white dress and man wearing blue shirt hold hands while sitting on rocks.

Photography by Cami Parker Photography

Floral Maternity Photos

Woman wearing green dress and hat holds belly during sunflower maternity pictures.

Photography by Shanessa Photo + Film

Woman wearing floral dress smiles and looks at the sky during her maternity photoshoot.

Photography by Jordan Eaton Photography

Pregnant woman's white dress flows in the wind during outdoor maternity pictures.
Woman wearing a white dress and  flower crown holds her stomach in outdoor maternity pictures.

Photography by Paulina Martinez Photography

Winter Maternity Photos

Woman wearing red dress and flower crown stands in snow and smiles during winter maternity pictures.

Photography by Maddie Jeppson Photography

Blonde woman wearing green dress smiles during winter maternity pictures.
Blonde woman wearing red dress holds husband's hand during winter maternity pictures.

Photography by Lana Hansen Photography

Photography by Whit Bolton

Indoor Maternity Photography Ideas

I haven’t really seen a lot of these types of pictures done indoors, but I think these are super creative maternity pictures!

Here are a lot of great options if you don’t want to shoot outside. Just make sure you have a window close by so you can still get a lot of natural light.

Studio Maternity Photography

Woman wearing striped dress and cardigan holds bump during studio maternity pictures.

Photography by Tylynn B Photography

Woman wearing green lace top holds bump during studio maternity pictures.
Brunette woman wearing gray shirt smiles during studio maternity pictures.

Photography by Jill Collier Photography

In-Home Maternity Pictures

Husband touches wife's baby bump next to a window during maternity photo shoot.
Husband and wife touch hands on baby bump during in home maternity pictures.

Photography by Bobbi Tolman Photography

Woman wearing black lace robe sits on bed during in home maternity photos.
Blonde woman wearing black lace robe lays on bed during in home maternity photos.

Photography DP Photography

Milk Bath Maternity Photography

Blonde woman wearing lace robe laughs during milk bath maternity photos.
Blonde woman wearing white lace robe holds belly during milk bath maternity photos.

Photography by First Impressions Photography

Greenhouse Maternity Pictures

Woman wearing orange dress leans on husband during greenhouse maternity pictures.
Woman wearing orange dress holds baby shoes on stomach during greenhouse maternity pictures.

Using a greenhouse is such a creative idea to get photos with beautiful flowers during the colder months. Photography by Kelly King Price

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