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3 Last Day of School Questionnaire Printables (Free!)

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Upgrade the end-of-school-year experience with our printable last day of school questionnaire sheets. Make the last day unforgettable with this perfect activity!

A last day of school questionnaire is the perfect activity for teachers or parents to use for the end of the year.

It’s a great way to see how your child has changed and what they’ve learned since the beginning of school.

And it’s not just for elementary schools.

You can take advantage of this simple school tradition from preschool through middle school and high school.

And we’ll share fun things to do with them when you’re done!

Keep scrolling to download your free printables and find more fun ​end-of-the-school-year activities!

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Printable Last Day of School Questionnaires

These printables are great for classroom use or use in the home.

They read like a printable interview with fun questions to help kids remember the fun facts and experiences from the last year.

Each of our three printables has different questions like what their favorite color is or what was their favorite memory over the course of the year.

And we’ve even included a questionnaire for moms and dads!

Download your free printable questionnaires, below!

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The Purpose of the Questionnaire

Boy and girl sit at kitchen table filling out last day of school questionnaire.

You can think of these questionnaires as a last day of school interview where students can write about some of their favorite things they’ve experienced throughout the school year.

You’ll find questions about their favorite subject, who they met, their favorite activities, and more.

It’s essentially a fun way to capture the essence of their school year in one little snapshot.

You may get some good laughs out of it, teaching moments, and ideas for things to try differently the following year.

The Impact on Your Child

These printable questionnaires aren’t just fun for mom and dad.

They can also have a huge impact on your child.

Taking the time to ask your child important and even seemingly mundane questions helps them feel loved, seen, and understood.

The questions on these sheets can also open the door to additional questions and conversations that will help you connect to your child and possibly see them in ways you hadn’t before.

And your child may be able to recall moments they would have otherwise forgotten.

You may also be prompted to share information about yourself that your child didn’t know before which can further build your bond.

Are these the same as a last day of school survey?


These are very different than a school survey.

Surveys are administered at the end of each school year to gather specific information for the school system.

They focus on gathering feedback and evaluations rather than personal and sentimental information.

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What To Do With Them When You’re Done

Two school memory boxes personalized with name labels stacked on each other in bedroom.

These printable last day of school questionnaires make great keepsakes for moms and dads.

But, you may not know what to do with them when they’re done!

Here are some fun ideas:

  • Add them to a memory book
  • Include them in a memory box
  • Upload them to a digital file
  • Include them in a slideshow along with a photo of your child to have for high school graduation

More on Memory Boxes

Memory boxes are our favorite way to store fun keepsakes from the school year.

They provide a central location for your child’s last day of school questionnaires and all the mementos you’ll collect throughout your child’s school career.

These could include everything from yearbooks and awards to passed tests and school assignments.

Rather than having these items spread throughout your home, you can have a neat little box for each of your children that’s labeled and easily accessed.

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More Last Day of School Activity Ideas

Two last day of school questionnaires on kitchen table with pencils laying on top.

Once you’ve enjoyed our questionnaire, try some of these other end of the school year activities!

  • Take last day of school photos
  • Last day of school coloring pages
  • Sign a t-shirt
  • List things they’ve learned from A-Z
  • Make ice cream in a bag
  • Take a “graduation walk” around the school (walk from the kindergarten rooms to the 5th grade rooms)
  • Set up a photo booth with fun signs and flags
  • Create end-of-year superlatives
  • Make a last day of school crown
  • Make a time capsule
  • Have a dance party
  • Make a slideshow
  • Compile an end-of-year playlist
  • Share your favorite memories
  • Write and recite a commencement speech
  • Play End-of-Year Classmates Bingo
  • Write thank you notes
  • Make a count-down calendar
  • Design a school seal
  • Take a field trip to the next grade
  • Write letters to the upcoming class
  • Host a talent show
  • Publish a year-end newspaper
  • Create a hall of fame
  • Make a graffiti wall
  • Create a school year timeline
  • Have a field day

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What’s Next?

Three kids wearing sunglasses sit in trunk of car with summer items and smile while pregnant mom stands nearby.

Summer break!

After you’ve enjoyed our last day of school questionnaires and activity ideas, try some of these family summer bucket list ideas!

Things to make:

  1. Make s’mores
  2. Try a new recipe
  3. Tie-dye shirts
  4. Make homemade ice cream
  5. Make an indoor fort
  6. Make popsicles

Water activities:

  1. Do a slip and slide
  2. Run through the sprinklers
  3. Go to the lake
  4. Go to the water park
  5. Visit a splash pad


  1. Visit a museum
  2. Go bowling
  3. Go fishing
  4. Visit a farmer’s market
  5. Go to the zoo
  6. Go to a bounce house
  7. Visit the library
  8. Go to the carnival
  9. Go to an amusement park

Family fun:

  1. Go on a bike ride
  2. Eat snow cones
  3. Have a BBQ with friends
  4. Watch a parade
  5. Play yard games
  6. Blow bubbles
  7. Listen to an outdoor concert

Find 30 additional fun ideas at the link above!

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How are keepsake school questionnaires different from regular end-of-year surveys?

Keepsake school questionnaires are specifically designed to be cherished as keepsakes, while regular end-of-year surveys typically focus on gathering feedback and evaluations.

Keepsake questionnaires prioritize sentimentality and reflection, often including open-ended questions that encourage personalized responses.

Why are keepsake school questionnaires important?

Keepsake school questionnaires serve as a unique way to document a child’s growth and experiences throughout their school years. They provide an opportunity to reflect on their achievements, favorite memories, and personal development in an endearing and nostalgic way.

Want More?

​If you liked these printable last day of school questionnaires, here are some other activities to enjoy for the end of the year and summer break.

You’re sure to find the perfect activity ideas for the whole family!

More free printables for first time mamas:

Your Turn

What did you think of these printable last day of school questionnaires? Are there any end-of-year activities you think we should add to our list? Let us know in the comments!

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