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How To Get Rid of Acne When Nothing Else Has Worked

I am a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant. This is my personal experience with the products.

Let's talk acne.

Seriously one of the WORST aspects of being a human. Why is it even a thing...I guess to keep us humble and also to make sure we're washing our faces lol.

I've had pretty bad skin for almost seven years now. It's funny, I used to think I had SUCH BAD SKIN when I was younger. I look at those pictures now and think "Oh, honey, it's going to get a lot worse."

So seven years ago I spent the summer working at a family camp (where I also met my husband xoxoxo), and I was outside a TON. Tanning mostly. I started breaking out like crazy and started looking into options to help. 

**Sidenote** Tanning makes your breakout more! It doesn't clear your skin at all...if I would have known that, I think I would have stopped laying by the pool!

Proactiv was all the rage back then, so I ordered it and started using it right away. Well my skin got worse, so after a month I sent it back. I'm not sure if it was just in a purging stage, or if my skin really didn't like the products, but my skin stayed worse from then on. 

It would always clear up for awhile, but then get crazy again and I would try something else to try and clear my breakouts. Here's a list of everything I've tried over the years to clear up my skin:
  • Almost every drugstore cleanser you can buy
  • Benzoyl peroxide
  • Salicylic acid 
  • Natural tablets
  • Proactiv
  • Aztec clay mask
  • Rubbing alcohol (yes I actually put that on my skin *cringe*)
  • Clindamacin
  • Amoxicillin 
  • Other antibiotics and creams
  • Light therapy
  • Breastmilk...
I mean, if you put a price tag on everything I've tried over the years, it would be several hundred dollars. After I got married I finally went to the dermatologist and she started me out on the most mild treatment and when that didn't work, we went up a notch. Shortly after that I got pregnant so I had to stop all antibiotics, but my skin hadn't responded well to anything we had tried.

After my first baby I got the Mirena IUD.

NEVER GET THIS FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL!! I mean unless, there's NO other options.

The acne I got from that IUD was horrendous. I had NO IDEA what was going on with my skin, until I googled the side effects of the Mirena and saw that acne was one of them. I went to a new dermatologist after I had stopped nursing my son and the nurse just looked at me and said, 

"You have Accutane acne." 

I wanted to cry right then and there. I was all signed up to start Accutane, but couldn't go through with it and it's a good thing, because I got pregnant with my second child just a few months later. 

So here I was again, postpartum acne all over my face. Not nearly as bad as the first time but still, super embarrassing and inconvenient. I looked into a few antibiotics but none of them really looked like they would work. I actually started reading about Unblemish online because I had briefly heard about Rodan + Fields, but the reviews were pretty terrible. I saw that they had created Proactiv and immediately dismissed the product, thinking it would "ruin" my skin like Proactiv did.

Right about that time, Melissa (who was a reader of my blog) reached out and asked me to review her Rodan + Fields products for her. I looked at the price tag and said "No way." I really, truly try to share products with my readers that I would personally buy and I would NEVER spend that much on skincare. 

I thought about it more and decided I could maybe review the Lash Boost product as a way to repair your lashes after extensions, so we moved forward.

Well my acne wasn't getting any better (surprise, surprise) and so I had narrowed it down to the three options I had left:
  • Unblemish
  • An oil cleanser
  • Accutane
A few weeks later I had been using the Lash Boost and saw that my lashes were getting pretty long. I thought "Wow this stuff is actually working." 

Then another blogger I know announced she had become a consultant for Rodan + Fields! And that's all it took. I thought if she trusts the products, then maybe I should too. So I had Melissa send me Unblemish.

Guys, I was SUPER SKEPTICAL from the beginning. I had read the terrible reviews online (seriously only the people who've had BAD experiences are writing those, and from what I can tell it's because they didn't tell their consultant they had sensitive skin...) and I had low expectations. But honestly, it felt like my skin was changing AFTER THE VERY FIRST USE. My skin didn't clear up overnight. It actually got worse before it got better. But the breakouts I would get around my temples and my chin disappeared very quickly.

Here's where the story gets really good...

Around day 30 I decided to take the plunge and sign up to be a consultant. I spent a month messaging and posting about the products and then one day I stopped posting about Rodan + Fields. That's because I quit. I sent back my business kit and gave up.


Because in my first month I only had one sale. ONE. I gave up because it was too hard and I wanted an easy way to make some extra money.

I started looking into a few other opportunities, but then I went to wash my face one night and noticed ALL OF THE BUMPS WERE GONE!! No more active acne on my skin!

That's when it clicked for me...I'd rather stand with a product that's tougher to sell, but works any day.

It 100% works and I'm living proof.

So it may not be easy and I may never sell it to anyone else...but I can't deny that these products do what they say they will.


And I just need to give a little shout out to Rodan + Fields as a company. So many reviews online talk about their terrible customer service and how they can't believe they are still in business. That's always only one side of the story. Here's another:

I called to get instructions on getting my consultantship cancelled. The customer service rep was super helpful and even tried to get my consultant replenishment order cancelled so I could save the most money. Then I  sent my kit back and was told that I would get my refund in 10-13 business days. I called to check on the refund and they gladly verified that they had received the order. 3 days later I had my refund! A classic example of under-promising and over-delivering. They had no reason to give me great customer service (since I was ending my relationship with them) but they did!

Unblemish is truly a miracle regimen and I am SO glad I tried the product. If you're skeptical like I was, here a few points to consider:
And here are a few things to note about Unblemish:
  • It was created by Stanford trained dermatologists Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields .
  • It's a regimen system, not just a cream. It's a wash, toner, treatment, and moisturizer. 
  • The reason it works is because of the Multi-Med Therapy system the doctors developed. It's the right ingredients, in the right formulations, in the right order to transform your skin.  
  • It comes packaged as a 60 day supply. Once your skin is free from breakouts, most people can move to once a day which will make it last even longer. 
  • The price you pay is for prescription quality product. It's more expensive than a drugstore face wash for sure, but obviously more effective too.  
  • There's a 60 day money back guarantee! If it's not working for you, send it back! You don't get that kind of guarantee with any other prescription or spa treatment. 
If you've been struggling with acne for years, or even for a few months and don't know what else to try, I highly recommend Unblemish. I would not suggest it to people if it didn't work. The pictures don't lie!

And if you have other skin concerns you'd like to address, I'd be happy to recommend products for you as well! Take a look at all of the amazing products we have to offer here!

Send any questions/comments/concerns to

And anyone who signs up as a Preferred Customer will get my consultant pricing on the regimens!


  1. Wow, glad that you were finally able to find what works for you! I've had acne since I was about 9 years old and still have it... I am 32 now. I must have tried hundreds of different products and so many brands out there. The ones that I stick to now are mostly Mario Badescu products. I was so impressed that I bought many of their products for other concerns and purposes. I feel like there is no magic product that will work for everyone. Unfortunately, you have to try a lot of them until you'll find the ones that work for you.

    1. Hi Lunka! So glad you found something that works for you! I feel the same way about finding Unblemish! If you're ever interested in trying any of our other products, let me know!

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