Thursday, May 11, 2017

Our Master Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

I've been working on our master bedroom decor for almost a year now....well almost five years if you count from when we were first married. It's one of those things that I think I'll always be tweaking because it'll never be quite perfect.


Well what I have now is pretty dang close and I can't wait to share it with you! 

But before we dive into the new and improved, let's take a look at what used to be our bedroom decor...

Pretty bad right? I just didn't have any vision or theme and I clearly didn't know anything about interior decorating. I'm not a pro or anything now, but I've been scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram for several years now, so I have a good grasp on what my style is and what I like. And let me tell you...

I like expensive!

Seriously! All of the gorgeous decor I like is expensive. Even though we're not living on a college student income anymore, I still like to stretch our money as best I can. So I took my thrifty nature and my love of good design and tried to meet in the middle. 

Again, I'm not an interior designer or anything, so good vibes only ;) 


Duvet insert
Duvet cover
Euro Shams (similar)
Fluffy pillows* (similar)
Gold pillows 
Bed frame

Photos c/o (I'm obsessed with these!)
Lamp base
Lamp Shade
Drawer Knobs

Drawer Knobs
Jewelry stand* (similar)

White mirror* (similar)
Floor Mirror

White curtains
Sheer Curtains
Curtain rod

*I bought these items at TJ Maxx and they don't have the exact items online. I LOVE TJ Maxx because I can usually find the unique piece I'm looking for without spending a ton. 

I think that's everything in the room! If I didn't link to something that you like, let me know!
Check out my bedroom featured on Shutterfly!


  1. I love that you are budget friendly. Whenever I want to copy other bloggers, I click on their links and realize their decor costs a fortune! It's​ nice to follow someone who loves home decorating and getting good deals too.

    1. Yes! I find that too...a lot of them can just afford more expensive pieces I guess. But that's not do-able for most families! I'm always on the hunt for pieces that look nice, but don't cost a lot!

  2. So pretty! I love TJ Maxx! The all white bedding is my favorite feature!

    1. I do too, I just wish they carried their pieces all of the time! They truly have some unique finds! Thank you! I was afraid to do the all white with little kids, but most of the pieces are machine washable ;)

  3. I absolutely love your new bedroom decor and style. It's so nice, light and "clean" as in very minimalist but very pretty. The sun-like wall mirror is my favorite piece. What a find! I'm personally not a fan of the picture frames placed on the nightstands as opposed to hanging. My own reason is that I'm pretty clumsy and feel like if always bump into it and they would constantly slide down. I do like the way it looks but I wouldn't do it only for practical reasons. Unless you found a way to sort of anchor them to the wall so they don't slide down? Is be all for it if I could figure out how to do that. So that they look like they're casually placed but won't slide down 😉

    1. Thank you!! Yes, we thought about hanging them on the wall, but I didn't know if we would be switching around furniture. We just pushed the nightstands to the wall and there's not enough space for them to slide down. But I can totally understand why you would hang it!


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