Wednesday, March 29, 2017

How I Curl My Hair

When it comes to my hair, I usually wear it in a pony tail, up in a top knot, or down and curled. I've seen so many hair curling tutorials, but usually the girls have very thin, fine hair and they can curl their whole head in 5 minutes. I have thick hair (a lot of thick hair!) so it took me awhile to figure out how to curl my hair quickly when I'm short on time. 
But I've finally perfected my technique so today I'm sharing how I curl my long, thick hair in just 10 minutes!

 1. Start with freshly washed and dried hair. I've found my hair curls best right after I wash it. I can usually touch up the curls a few days later, but they never stay as well as the first day curls. I always spray a heat shield product on before I dry or curl my hair. I love the way this Not Your Mother's one smells!

2. I use a 1 1/4" curling iron. I looked and I don't think they sell my curling iron any longer (I got it from Sally's) but I've heard great things about this Hot Tools model.

3. I part my hair down the middle in the back and grab a 1" section of hair. Sometimes it's bigger when I get to the back, but around my face I use small pieces so the curls are more defined.

4. I put the iron about half way down and twirl the iron once around the piece. 

5. Then I open the clamp, slide my iron down a few more inches, and twirl the iron back to the original spot.

6. I do the same thing and slide the iron all the way to the end and then twirl the iron to the top of my head. I let it sit for 3-5 seconds and release.

7. The curl should look like this. I always curl away from my face.

8. When I'm done, I have lots of tight ringlets. It takes me about 10 minutes. I move quickly and don't worry too much about making each piece perfect.

9. I let each side cool for several minutes and then I run through my hair with this wide tooth comb. I don't like the way my hair looks when it's just in ringlets (although it turned out better than it normally does for these pictures!) so brushing out the curls gives it a more wavy look.

10. I add a little volume around the crown of my head with my teasing comb and then spray down any fly ways. In 10 minutes I'm ready to go with some fabulous curls! It's quick and easy, which is perfect for any busy mom.

Happy Wednesday!


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  2. Your hair is seriously beautiful. My hair is thick thick and I chopped in (to my shoulders, I wasn't brave enough for any shorter) and now my curls don't stay in as long as they used to when my hair was longer. I wish my hair would grow faster!! Hahaha I'll have to try this technique.

    1. Oh Ash you're too nice! I think about cutting mine all of the time, but then I love just putting it in a pony tail or bun and it's so hard with short hair! This took two years to grow out! My hair is so slow but being pregnant helps!


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