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My Favorite Baby Registry Items

I remember being pregnant with Hudson and wondering what we needed for the baby. I found lots of articles with list after list of baby registry items. It was a little overwhelming since my husband was still in school and I was quitting my full-time job. We didn't have a lot of money, so did I really need $35 swaddle blankets??

Since I've had two children now, I have a pretty good grasp on what you need with a new baby and what you don't. And honestly, you don't need a lot. Like a wipe warmer for example... it's definitely nice for keeping babies more comfortable, but I would say save that money and put it toward diapers! I also have friends who are becoming new moms and one of the questions they ask me the most is "What should I buy?" So here are my top picks!

During Pregnancy

Heart Doppler: I didn't have this with Hudson, but I decided to buy one for Ella and it gave me so much peace of mind. I loved that I could check the baby's heartbeat any time of the day. Some may think it's too excessive, but it was cheap and made me feel better. 
Abdominal Binder: I put this on within the first 24 hours after having my babies and kept it on for the first week. It helped my stomach shrink back to it's normal size so quickly. 


Diapers: These are obvious! There's cloth or paper options and everyone will have one they prefer. We use paper. I love Huggies until they're eating solids and the Kirkland brand after that. (I've heard the Kirkland diapers are made in the same Huggies factory, but the Kirkland are cheaper!)
Wipes: We use wipes all. the. time! I think I will always buy wipes just to clean up sticky fingers and messes. I've used Kirkland and Parent's Choice.
Changing Pad/cover: I love this cover because it wipes clean so easily. I was really worried about the cream color, but even that brightly colored newborn poop comes off so easily.
Diaper Bag: I LOVE this diaper bag! I had one that had a shoulder strap with Hudson and hated how it fell off. I love this backpack version. It's so spacious, I love the color, and the price can't be beat!
Travel Changing Pad: I received this as a baby shower gift and we still use it for Hudson. It's nice to just take this and the wipes into the bathroom for changes. 
Diaper Pail: We tried to get away with just using the garbage for awhile. Trust me on this one...don't do it. A pail is the way to go.

Nursing Cover: I'm a breastfeeding mom and so a cover is nice for feeding in public. You can use code LoveLoveLove1 for $35 off your order!
Nursing Pillow: I only use this for a few months while my babies are small, but it makes breastfeeding so much more comfortable. It also doubles as a pillow for them to do tummy time and sit up with when they get older.
Burp Cloths: Another item I only use for the first few months, but you'll want a lot! Babies spit up and it's helpful not to have to do laundry all of the time.
Glider: I debated about adding this to the list, since I've nursed in our bed and on the couch, but it really is nice to have a chair in the baby's room just for feeding (and for reading books when baby gets older!) I will say that a lot of gliders are very pricey. If you're going to get a nicer one, choose something that wipes clean, like this one. Babies are messy (think spit-up/poop all over the chair!!) so get one that's inexpensive or one you can clean easily.

Crib: We went with this crib for both Hudson and Ella. It has a nice modern look, but without the expensive price tag. Babies bite on their cribs, so I'm glad we didn't spend a lot of money. This crib also converts to a toddler bed so Hudson is still using his.
Sheets: We have two sets of sheets for each kiddo. I bought this one and this one for Hudson. I bought this one and this one for Ella.
Blankets: I got so many blankets at my shower and I don't use them a ton. I have these thin ones I use in the summer and a nice thick one for the winter. You might want one more that goes on the floor for play time, but other than that, you don't really need a lot.
Swaddles: These are a lifesaver! Most babies like to be swaddled, but my babies have always broken out of the ones they do in the hospital. These swaddles have velcro so they stay secure all night.
Pack n Play: You'll want some sort of portable crib to take on vacation. I love this one because it has a bassinet and changing pad attachment. Ella slept in this in our room for the first month in this and it was super convenient.
Babywise: I've shared about this book on my Instagram. Some people don't like scheduling their children, but this really helped Hudson with his sleeping problems and had Ella sleeping through the night at 7 weeks! It's worth a read for the additional baby information it has too.

Grooming Kit: I love this because it has combs, a thermometer, and clippers. Everything you need for grooming.
Nose Frida: Those blue bulbs they give you in the hospital :crap. Get this. It seems gross, but there's a foam piece that keeps anything from passing into your mouth. It cleans out their noses way better than anything else.

Bath Chair: We use this until the baby can sit up by themselves. 
Hooded Towels:  These are nice to keep baby's head warm when they get out of the bath and they're super soft too.

Car seat/Stroller: Another obvious, and there are TONS of different options. I just bought a Graco one and it's worked just fine. I'm sure the expensive options are really nice, I've just never tried them.
Swing: A swing is a good option to calm fussy babies. I also use it to put Ella somewhere so I can make lunch and dinner.
Carrier: When my babies are super fussy and I have to get things done, I use this. It helps calm them down and I can use both of my hands. I love the Ergo because I can wear them in the front or back, so we've taken it hiking and on vacation. If I was to get another one, I would get the 360, because baby can face forward. This is one of the most expensive baby items I bought, we've definitely got our use out of it. 


Bouncer: This is another place to put baby if you need to get things done. Ella loves it and Hudson sat in it to eat his lunch until he was about 18 months.

High chair: We've bought two high chairs. I like this one because it has a toddler seat that Hudson is still using. I love this one because it's super affordable and white goes with everything ;)
Utensils, Cups, Plates: There's lots of different options for these, so get the ones you like. We like having plastic items so they don't break when kids drop them on the floor.

Halo Sleep Sack: When babies start rolling over, this is a good option to keep them warm at night without putting a blanket on them.

Skip Hop Cover: I love using this at the grocery store and on restaurant high chairs to keep germs away from baby.

There are a few other things that we have like a car mirror so I can see the baby's face while I'm driving. And I got this robe to wear in the hospital after Ella. Both are nice to have, but definitely not necessities.

And obviously you need clothes for the baby! Things like onesies, pants, jammies, etc. I didn't really register for clothes, because people usually will give you those anyway! I would say have 5-6 outfits in each size ready when baby comes. My two kiddos grew out of the smaller sizes really quickly, so I'm glad I didn't buy a lot in those sizes. You'll be able to tell how many of what size you need based on how your baby is growing.

If you were to buy all of the items listed above, you would have all that you needed for a new baby. The best part is once you already have a baby, you don't have to purchase a lot of the items again. We only bought a crib and a few of the other essentials for Ella and it saved us so much money!

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  1. These are all great ideas!! Such a good list to base purchases or what we need off of!

  2. Great post! It's easy to feel overwhelmed with products but these are necessities!

    1. Yes! Everything else just makes life a little easier 😉

  3. What a great list and lovely photos!

  4. Girl you got it perfect! We love our halo sleep sacks!!!

    1. Yes!! Anything to help them sleep better right 😉

  5. Love the list! Super comprehensive! We have so many things on there!

    1. Good! I wanted to share the things we use most!

  6. This is a great list! I basically have everything on it but the nursing cover, which I think I will add to my shopping list for the baby that is on the way. I am hoping to breastfeed this time.

    1. Oh I hope you can! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  7. what a great list! makes me want a baby again!!!

    1. Thanks Sandy! You do make super cute kids so...😉

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you Laura! Thanks so much for reading! ❤

  9. Great, thorough list! I agree with all of these but we were given a wipes warmer at our shower and love it! It makes the wipes softer. I'd definitely buy one again if needed. And the blankets! I swear we were gifted 20+ blankets and she only likes two of them.

    1. Good to know you like it! And yes to the blankets! We got soooo many! I've given most of them away :)

  10. That is a beautiful photo of you! :) What a great list!

    1. Also, your social media buttons on your sidebar are so simple and beautiful and I love them. Did you make them yourself?

    2. Thank you! I got them here! http://www.greatfun4kidsblog.com/2015/05/free-social-media-icons-for-your-blog.html#more

  11. I love our Halo Sleepsack! The Nose Frida is invaluable. And no one needs $35 swaddle blankets. 😂 I definitely found binding to be beneficial after birth, too.

    1. So glad you agree! Binding is soooo helpful!


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